50 More Sentence Examples

To know more, click the link below. He has to design a building, and he needs more detailed information about the project. I could have scored more if I had studied more. Calm down. There aren’t any more problems.  To write an article about a mental case, you need more knowledge about the psychology of persons. She… Continue reading 50 More Sentence Examples

50 Down Sentence Examples

Don’t look down; I am not angry with you. Pull down the rope; I want it. Don’t miss anything; put down everything that your teacher speaks. She went down to America in search of a job. They sat down at the table in the office. He fell down from the bike and hurt his wrist.  She lay… Continue reading 50 Down Sentence Examples

50 Often Sentence Examples

Poor people often see cheap things. Whenever John goes to that restaurant, he often orders chicken curry. I know people often search for anything on Google. He is naive. He often meets the wrong persons. He chooses it much more often than he should. I often write two pages for my website before lunch. She… Continue reading 50 Often Sentence Examples

50 Below Sentence Examples

They found a large engine below the surface of the water. I am highly disappointed; your work is below average. It’s too cold. It is six degrees below zero now. There are so many people below the poverty line. The government launched the scheme for the people below the poverty line. I live in a village that is below sea level. John has a scar just below his right… Continue reading 50 Below Sentence Examples