How to Use Check: 51 Sentence Examples with Check

The meaning of ‘check’ is to confirm that something or someone is right, safe, or ideal by verifying it. Also, we can use the word ‘check’ to inquire, investigate, etc., for confirmation.

In American English, the word ‘check’ is also used for the British English word ‘cheque’ for the document on which we make the payments.

Sentences with Check

Here are some sentences with the word ‘check:

  1. Let me check your blood pressure.
  2. Unless I check the documents, don’t approve.
  3. I think you should double-check your facts.
  4. Hold on; I’ll check in my diary.
  5. Check whether a fuse has blown.
  6. check my mailbox every other day.
  7. Check the tiles carefully before you buy them.
  8. I gave him an hour to check into the matter.
  9. Check that the plug has not come loose.
  10. Can I take a rain check on that?
  11. Check the tyre pressure on the dial.
  12. Please check that these details are correct.
  13. Check the container for cracks or leaks.
  14. He paid for the supplies with a check and took her and Mary out to eat.
  15. Check the oil and water before setting them off.
  16. There, she opened her letter to Connie and added a request to check on that name and address.
  17. I can get you two sets of IDs, birth certificates, passports, driver’s licenses, charge cards, and a brief history that will check it out.
  18. Check this translation against the original.
  19. I will check what time the train arrives.
  20. Check and double-check the spelling and punctuation.
  21. He was careful enough to check up on every detail.
  22. Under no circumstances can we accept checks.
  23. Check up on the accuracy of this article.
  24. You had better check them at the front desk.
  25. People love to check out each other’s houses.
  26. Check your baggage at the desk.
  27. Please check that all boards are properly fastened and securely fixed.
  28. He took out a blank check.
  29. I’ve lost the check for my bag.
  30. He filled out a check for $100.
  31. Please check your flight timing carefully.
  32. Check your work to ensure its accuracy.
  33. I’ll go and check it out immediately.
  34. Let me check my schedule.
  35. Check your spelling and grammar.
  36. It should have been a simple matter to check.
  37. Check the oil level in your car every week.
  38. I want to check out at six tomorrow morning.
  39. Tom checks his blood pressure once a week.
  40. I’ll be a little late tonight for check-in.
  41. The police are now checking on Tom’s alibi.
  42. check my mailbox almost every day.
  43. Please check on when he will return.
  44. We’ll be back to check on you later.
  45. They checked how pure the water was.
  46. This check is payable to the bearer.
  47. I plan to check to see if his statement is true.
  48. We should check the spread of the disease.
  49. He doesn’t check his figures when he’s calculating.
  50. It’s out of stock, but I can give you a rain check.
  51. Let’s check with Tom and see what his problems are.

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