50 Had Sentence Examples

  1. We had an excellent trip for fifteen days.
  2. had a huge white coloured carom board.
  3. hadn’t any problem with that computer.
  4. had a lot of work last year.
  5. had a white car with a green bonnet.
  6. had a cold, so I didn’t attend the society meeting.
  7. He had a hangover last night.
  8. She had an earache so she couldn’t listen to music.
  9. She had lost too much money for maintaining her house.
  10. They had been busy in their studies during their college days.
  11. had a few books to study.
  12. We had a lot to do in our garden.
  13. They had enough time to learn last year.
  14. had to get the platform ticket to receive him at the railway station.
  15. Rasika had three laptops to work on.
  16. She had two daughters. Both were artists.
  17. She had to go to work early morning.
  18. You had collected all the necessary documents.
  19. We had insured our car.
  20. had lost my mobile in the waves of the sea.
  21. She had lost her senses in the last month.
  22. We had spared money so we could survive in that situation.
  23. She hadn’t any money at that time. It became difficult for her to survive.
  24. They had seen me before that day.
  25. She had acute knee pain.
  26. He had a poor appetite. He had taken treatment for it.
  27. We had finished our presentation before the meeting.
  28. We had no extra money to spend.
  29. We had a beautiful white cat before one year.
  30. He had kept me waiting.
  31. had a blue shirt with red stripes.
  32. had a temperature since morning that day.
  33. They had eaten those fruits that I kept on the table.
  34. He had no idea about that water painting hung on the wall.
  35. had no money to buy such expensive shoes that day.
  36. They had bought sketch pens to colour the picture.
  37. had sold two chairs that I didn’t like.
  38. She is a lovely girl. We had a good time with her.
  39. He had white patches on his skin. He took treatment on it.
  40. You had smooth cheeks. You spoiled those.
  41. She had a toothache, so she sat holding her cheek.
  42. had a return ticket, so it was easy to save time.
  43. She had allowed her children to play on the ground.
  44. She had given her details in the form.
  45. She had a spoon in her hand and was waiting for breakfast.
  46. had short of ten bucks, so I didn’t buy that shirt.
  47. It seems she hadn’t taken it seriously.
  48. He had a blue shirt on that day.
  49. He had turned his parents down.
  50. I often had bad dreams; I couldn’t sleep well.

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