50 To Sentence Examples

  1. The driver drove to the parking area.
  2. She agreed to help with her project work.
  3. He had to finish his homework yesterday.
  4. You have to tell the story of animals.
  5. Doctors have to visit the patients in the morning.
  6. We called him to meet before the evening.
  7. You need to put on weight with two Kg.
  8. They started to search the language websites on Google.
  9. I asked him to reach the airport on time.
  10. We made our minds to survive in such a difficult situation.
  11. Show your progress card to your mother.
  12. They agreed to complete their work in two days.
  13. I have to clean my house now.
  14. I love to read all the books of Shakespeare.
  15. I have to go early to the office today.
  16. We had tried to reach our destination on time.
  17. Don’t be overconfident.
  18. Please stick to the point we are discussing.
  19. First, you should start to punch all those papers.
  20. They asked all the documents to check.
  21. Players had gathered on the ground to determine the strategy of a game.
  22. They have to do their job well.
  23. I spent my life to achieve my goal.
  24. They were trying to escape to the town.
  25. We asked an agent to sell our house.
  26. She holds me to wait.
  27. It suddenly started to pour in the evening.
  28. She wanted to speak her mind freely.
  29. It is not safe to roam on the road these days.
  30. She walked over to the door.
  31. He lent his car to his sister yesterday.
  32. The workers arrived at 8 am to complete their work.
  33. They are going to the airport by car.
  34. They should reach on time to get the bus.
  35. I have explained how to use prepositions in a sentence.
  36. There was an extensive showcase to the right of the mirror.
  37. Teachers have to teach students.
  38. Adulterated food is harmful to our health.
  39. I rushed to the phone.
  40. She is a personal assistant to the chairman of the company.
  41. She came to help me.
  42. My computer is connected to the main network.
  43. Teacher asked students to wear school uniforms.
  44. There are only four days to the final exam.
  45. I didn’t know how to react to his behaviour.
  46. He goes to his doctor for regular check-ups.
  47. This toy is suitable for kids from two to ten.
  48. Press the zero button to call the security.
  49. All players tried hard to grab the prize.
  50. We are going to move to a cool place.

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