51 Have Sentence Examples

  1. I have to finish my homework today.
  2. We have to meet her sister before the evening.
  3. Prices of petrol and diesel have hiked, so it has become so difficult for commuters.
  4. What does she have to do with that beads?
  5. You didn’t have put on weight with two Kg.
  6. It’s too late, and I have to go now.
  7. I have severe knee pain, so I should go to the doctor.
  8. Let’s all have dinner at our home.
  9. They have to search the language websites on Google.
  10. They have no spices in their kitchen.
  11. I have to reach the airport on time.
  12. Have you finished your meal?
  13. We have to survive in such a difficult situation.
  14. You have to show your progress card.
  15. They have to complete their work in two days.
  16. Let’s have lunch and then discuss the syllabus for the exam.
  17. I have to clean my house now.
  18. We have to read all those books.
  19. Have you watched a movie that was released last week?
  20. You have to tell the story of animals.
  21. Doctors have to visit the patients in the morning.
  22. He doesn’t have parents, so he feels lonely.
  23. I have to go early to the office today.
  24. We have to start at eight o’clock.
  25. Do you have any questions regarding that topic?
  26. You have to punch all those papers.
  27. They have to check all the documents.
  28. Players have to play with dedication.
  29. They have to do their job well.
  30. I have to achieve my goal.
  31. You should have to find the solution to that issue.
  32. We have to sell our house.
  33. Do you have pink pants with two pockets?
  34. You have to give your best on that project.
  35. We have a computer with high configuration.
  36. They have to collect their clothes.
  37. Workers have to work for eight hours.
  38. Sameer doesn’t have any black shirts.
  39. Actors have to perform well in films.
  40. We have to attend a marriage ceremony, so we should go to our home-town before the weekend.
  41. Bullocks have to work in the fields.
  42. Teachers have to teach students.
  43. What do you have in your mouth?
  44. Students have to wear school uniforms.
  45. Do you have to take care of your sister’s kids?
  46. We have to try our best in this exam.
  47. We have a pleasant time with the kids.
  48. Do they have to finish all their work before the evening?
  49. The workers have to arrive at 8 am.
  50. Others have to speak their minds freely.
  51. Have a nice day.

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