50 All Sentence Examples

  1. All creatures have to eat for a living.
  2. You see the dreams, but all are illusions.
  3. I have seven tops, all under ten bucks.
  4. All passengers took their seats in time.
  5. The Coronavirus is changing all the time.
  6. Now, it’s all set, and we can start.
  7. You have to drink all of the milk I gave you.
  8. They went in the river at the flood time, and they all drowned.
  9. She has taken those all clothes with her.
  10. Hard work conquers all the difficulties.
  11. All fruits were rotten, so I threw those.
  12. You should follow all instructions on the notice board.
  13. Now the belongings are all hers.
  14. We changed all the furniture a year ago.
  15. All his friends agreed to go to the mountain spot.
  16. I knew all your 
  17. Yesterday all the day she was on the phone.
  18. They all left the city after losing jobs.
  19. She has been awake all night working.
  20. The firm reserved all rights.
  21. Thieves stole her all ornaments hidden under the bed.
  22. Suddenly, a lion was in front of them, so they all screamed.
  23. There was a mess all night in the building.
  24. All corona patients left the hospital after they were treated.
  25. No worries, all is going well.
  26. It occupied all the ground.
  27. We stayed in the village all through the Corona pandemic period.
  28. They all participated in the dance competition.
  29. We have to use all our skills to make things better.
  30. All the best for your journey.
  31. I didn’t forget all the trouble I sustained during those days.
  32. One baby cried all started to cry.
  33. We are late, and it’s all because of you.
  34. The police took action against all the criminals.
  35. That’s all about your thinking.
  36. Always keep in mind that responsibility is above all.
  37. All she needs is money for survival.
  38. They all sang a song of rain.
  39. Don’t blame all of me for the failure of the business strategy.
  40. They all stood as the chairperson entered the cabin.
  41. I have spent all my life teaching, and I enjoyed it very much.
  42. All were present except you.
  43. The manager explained all the issues with the owner.
  44. She abandoned all her hopes to see him again.
  45. All men will go in the morning to check the situation. 
  46. She tried against all odds.
  47. All students are present today.
  48. She gets so angry with me all the time.
  49. His brother met with an accident, so someone has to take care of him all the time.
  50. All the ways are blocked.

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