50 Is Sentence Examples

  1. My mother is a professor of the English language.
  2. Teacher is angry with the students.
  3. India is a developing country.
  4. She is an advocate at the high court, so she doesn’t feel afraid of anyone.
  5. My sister is a civil engineer.
  6. Her sister is a designer.
  7. Everything is ready; we can arrange the event now.
  8. She is an MLA; she takes care of people.
  9. Smita is a teacher in a girls’ high school.
  10. One society member is absent. Let’s wait for him.
  11. She is a book publisher; she reads scripts and then decides whether to publish or not.
  12. Smoking is hazardous for our health.
  13. His uncle is a photographer.
  14. There is so much dirt on the ground.
  15. That window pane is broken.
  16. She is eighteen years old.
  17. My office is near the beach.
  18. It is going towards the jungle.
  19. He is coming in five minutes.
  20. There is no one immortal in this universe.
  21. She is studying at Mumbai University.
  22. Cat is crying on the terrace. She is frying snacks.
  23. There is somebody behind the tree.
  24. Health is wealth.
  25. He is singing a song.
  26. She is telling the story of a ghost.
  27. Rati is playing cricket on the ground.
  28. He is an influential person.
  29. She is glorifying it. Monkey is drinking water.
  30. Maid is cleaning the house.
  31. The dog is pulling it.
  32. He is very punctual at his work.
  33. Parrot is pushing it.
  34. She is opening the window.
  35. She is well educated, she can understand it.
  36. He is booking a ticket.
  37. Rati is standing in front of me.
  38. She is closing the door.
  39. He is suffering from cancer for the last two years.
  40. A dog is catching a ball.
  41. Soham is sitting in a chair.
  42. She is photogenic. She always clicks photos of herself.
  43. Parth is enjoying a match.
  44. Egoism is not a good thing. You should not be egoistic.
  45. Rashi is cooking for her son.
  46. She is wandering out of her house.
  47. Kaliya is overconfident.
  48. She is standing at the door.
  49. It is raining.
  50. Sugar is soluble in water.

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