52 This Sentence Examples

  1. This is my notebook.
  2. This type of noise irritates me.
  3. I think there will be thunder this night.
  4. Would you please hold this bag for a while?
  5. Do you need this bottle?
  6. This is a car with an auto-opening door.
  7. This is an expensive painting. 
  8. This is a used part of a computer.
  9. This is not fair. 
  10. What is this nonsense?       
  11. This is a wooden table.                              
  12. This book is mine.                               
  13. This is incredible work. 
  14. Who cleaned this table?                 
  15. This is a bright colour.                        
  16. I own this flat.
  17. This basket is yours. 
  18. She doesn’t like this                              
  19. This is a charitable trust.                      
  20. This glass is occupied by air.                 
  21. This painting is hung on a wall.               
  22. This is a precious stone. 
  23. How did you do this?                       
  24. Is this your pen?                       
  25. This is my teacher’s bag. 
  26. This gas stove is so delicate.              
  27. This is my favourite place. 
  28. This pickle is homemade.                     
  29. This is charcoal.
  30. This subject is easy to understand.
  31. This is a topic of science.
  32. Whose dress is this?
  33. This is a new chapter of the English language.
  34. Is this her headphone?
  35. This is a very nice thing.
  36. She can use this table for two days.
  37. Is this a plan for our building?
  38. This is a blue carpet. 
  39. This flower is for my friend.
  40. You think of me this
  41. This house is very spacious.
  42. I think this is the best way to console her.
  43. This is a long route.
  44. A baby bird sits on this
  45. This is a water painting.
  46. This suitcase is not heavy for me.
  47. This curd tastes bitter.
  48. This road is steep. 
  49. Does this sound nice?
  50. This is a brave boy.
  51. This is a sudden reaction.
  52. We will take this series to a new height.

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