How to Use Run: 39 Sentence Examples

The meaning of ‘run is to go faster than a walk. Also, we can use run for doing something.

Here are some sentences with the run:

  1. You can run fast.
  2. She began to run on the road.
  3. I like to run in marathons.
  4. She runs 4 kilometers every day.
  5. My wound is healed, and now I’m able to run.
  6. Why did you run away from that tree?
  7. She is too weak to run.
  8. She can run faster than any other student.
  9. The hotel on the highway runs 24/7 to keep up with demand.
  10. He has been trying to run his own architectural firm for the past two years.
  11. The editing software is running so slowly that it’s affecting his project.
  12. The black-heightened horse ran faster than any other horse in the final race.
  13. She is running her restaurant with a special menu for the Deepawali occasion.
  14. The clock was running out; they had only ten minutes left to finish the exam.
  15. The river runs through the middle of the town, so the town residents don’t have a scarcity of water at all.
  16. I’m going to run to the office after feeding my kids.
  17. Our school is running a fundraising campaign to build an auditorium.
  18. We have two bikes that run on electricity.
  19. My grandfather runs a hotel near Juhu Beach in Mumbai.
  20. I had no choice in that situation but to run away from those people.
  21. She had to run fast to catch up to the train with Sam.
  22. He missed the bus, as he didn’t run fast enough.
  23. She has to run to catch her flight; it’s boarding in ten minutes.
  24. I couldn’t run in the race as fast as I used to when I was in school.
  25. She raised an issue about the playground, as she couldn’t run smoothly on it.
  26. We used to go for a run every morning when I was working in that village.
  27. My daughter likes to run around the park and chase other children.
  28. Don’t try to run away from the difficulties; you have to face them.
  29. The 20 children come to run around and play in the park every evening.
  30. Though I purchased a second-hand car, it runs smoothly, and I don’t have any issues with it.
  31. We are running out of money to continue the business.
  32. A bank scammer tried to run away from the place, but the police caught him.
  33. Why did she try to run away from you?
  34. We were running low on fuel, so we decided to stay at the hotel nearby.
  35. She couldn’t run from the past memories that were painful for her.
  36. The road is steep; don’t try to run.
  37. Three cats were running after a ball in the park.
  38. Kids always run around in the room.
  39. He can run as fast as a black cobra on the road.