50 But Sentence Examples

  1. It never rained, but it poured those days.
  2. I ran fast but missed the train.
  3. He didn’t draw a picture but sang a song.
  4. She is fast, but she is not confident.
  5. He was annoyed, but he didn’t show it on his face at all.
  6. You didn’t complete the work, but she did.
  7. I don’t know how but she succeeds.
  8. He is very rude, but she is very modest.
  9. It is a small but very useful court.
  10. The rose is black in colour but very attractive.
  11. Shaila and Seema are sisters, but they hardly meet.
  12. She met her and her mother on the same day, but they didn’t have time to stay.
  13. He ran fast but missed the bus.
  14. She didn’t complete the assignment, but you did.
  15. It isn’t easy to learn, but he practised more and learned.
  16. He got on the crowded bus, but he couldn’t get there on time.
  17. She had dinner with her children, but she was late.
  18. She saw her husband with her boss, but she didn’t ask anything.
  19. She wants to meet her again, but she can’t get her address.
  20. I want to solve this type of example, but I don’t know how to solve it.
  21. We visited the museum, but we couldn’t collect that much information we wanted.
  22. The players played football and tennis on that ground, but now that ground situation is worst.
  23. I didn’t choose a white car but a yellow one?
  24. You can purchase a handbag, but you should wait for some time.
  25. He studied very well, but he didn’t score more; I don’t know-how.
  26. They had no choice but to complete that work.
  27. His brother is fond of this song, but he couldn’t download it.
  28. But her mother didn’t allow her to participate.
  29. Sorry, I am interrupting you, but I have to say something.
  30. He is very hard-working but not skilled.
  31. I am sorry, but it’s nothing to do with you.
  32. The picture is good, but not that good, so that we purchase it.
  33. I may be wrong, but you are sad today.
  34. You are seeing her wrong, but I don’t think so.
  35. I didn’t do anything, but he accepted his mistake.
  36. I am not confirmed about it, but I think so.
  37. She asked her mother for permission to attend the party, but her mother denied it.
  38. You can call me traditional, but I like old customs.
  39. They are improving their product, but it may take some time.
  40. She is leaving this area.” But why?”
  41. It was a very complicated operation, but the surgeon made it easy.
  42. She is not only a teacher but also a painter.
  43. I apologize, but the server is down at this moment.
  44. I think it’s true, but he doesn’t think so.
  45. I had decided to resign, but I didn’t do so.
  46. We should not complain about the delivery boy, but ask him about the delay.
  47. You promised to buy a T-shirt for me, but you didn’t keep it.
  48. Police followed a thief, but he escaped.
  49. The doctor doesn’t guarantee his health, but they asked us to hope.
  50. It’s a simple but effective way to filter water.

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