33 Sentences with Am

We use ‘am in a sentence with the only pronoun ‘I’. Am is a form of ‘to be’. Here are some examples of a sentence with am. In these sentences, we use am to describe ourselves. Learn how to use ‘am in sentences.

Sentences with Am Examples

Have a look-

  1. I am a modern girl, can survive in any situation
  2. I am an intelligent boy, and nobody wins in front of me.
  3. I am so happy to see you these days.
  4. I am so tired because of too much work at the office.
  5. I am bored. I want a break.
  6. I am a peaceful person, then also you are teasing me.
  7. I am present here before his arrival.
  8. I came to know that I am getting a promotion, so I am delighted.
  9. I am busy with my work as there are too many assignments this week.
  10. I am surprised by the way he speaks with me.
  11. She asked me to accompany her, so I am happy.
  12. I am thirsty, and here we don’t have water, so I am having a cold drink.
  13. I heard that there happen some paranormal activities, so I am frightened.
  14. Guess how old I am?
  15. I am eighteen years old, so my mother says, ‘you are a minor’.
  16. I am seventeen, but she doesn’t believe in me.
  17. I am an old person to watch the movie on the television.
  18. You didn’t take care of my children, so I am angry with you.
  19. I am proud of myself because of my expertise, which makes me different from others.
  20. She always says that I am a tragic person.
  21. I am searching for social bookmarking sites.
  22. Do you feel that I am superstitious?
  23. I am a collector of this province.
  24. I am a potter. I make earthen pots.
  25. I am finding what natural resources are in that forest.
  26. I can’t speak arrogantly. I am polite.
  27. I am not your servant.
  28. As I am an administrator, I have to administer the society work.
  29. I am her boss, but she doesn’t follow me.
  30. I know about the film-making process. I am a film editor.
  31. There are so many books to read for publishing. I am a publisher.
  32. I am an actress. I have to maintain my lifestyle.
  33. I am a producer of this film.