50 At Sentence Examples

  1. We have our lunch at noon.
  2. While speaking, he pointed at her.
  3. You should change train at Dadar. It will be easy for you.
  4. His school starts at 10 o’clock.
  5. Sandy was standing at the door.
  6. Anny is at her home.
  7. She criticized my design.
  8. I didn’t laugh at you.
  9. Look at me, and observe my gesture.
  10. This time, she might be at home.
  11. He is good at football.
  12. Don’t stare at me. It will be of no use.
  13. I am going out, stay at home till I return.
  14. Charity begins at home.
  15. She is starting to work at 10 o’clock.
  16. I am leaving at night.
  17. The meeting was conducted by his boss at 11 am.
  18. She submitted her work at the given time.
  19. He looked at the image of Virat Kohli on the poster of the T20 World Cup.
  20. Bats wander at night.
  21. Join the class at once.
  22. Stop looking at me.
  23. John emailed me at sentence@englishtorch.com.
  24. I have worked at a tech company for the last two years.
  25. The ceremony is going to start at ten o’clock.
  26. They were taking their dinner at 9 o’clock.
  27. He prepared his mind to work at the weekend.
  28. See you at Diwali.
  29. They were discussing college admission at night.
  30. Look at these papers.
  31. I am standing at the window.
  32. Look at that painting that hung on a wall.
  33. He will see you at school.
  34. They looked at the traffic and decided to take a U-turn.
  35. An officer is at the office.
  36. Hang it at the corner.
  37. We met him at the college entrance.
  38. He was teaching English at Bhavan’s College.
  39. My cat was watching at the snake that was crawling out of the door.
  40. You were sitting at the stairs.
  41. She was looking at the house.
  42. My pet always comes and lays down at my feet.
  43. I think there is someone at the window.
  44. Look at the dog that is wagging its tail.
  45. I have a meeting at 3:00 today.
  46. I didn’t scold her; not at all.
  47. She may be busy at this time, we shall call her after some time.
  48. My office ends at 6 o’clock.
  49. At last, my mother permitted me to attend the party.
  50. She waved at me.

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