50 Of Sentence Examples

  1. Chetan accused her of stealing his story.
  2. Yes, of course, I am fond of it.
  3. It is one of the plays of Shakespeare.
  4. I spoke of the devil, and the devil is present.
  5. Best of luck with your interview.
  6. You should take care of your health.
  7. She wore a dress of white silk.
  8. It was just a slip of the tongue.
  9. They accused her of lying.
  10. He draws pictures of a remote life in India.
  11. How can he manage that type of trip?
  12. The average age of the students was 10.
  13. Beware of plagiarism.
  14. I have been facing the speed of the internet for the last two days.
  15. Thousands of people attended the speech of the prime minister.
  16. I heard someone’s cry of pain in the morning.
  17. He is a criminal and has been accused of bank robbery.
  18. All workers of the industry received the festival bonus this year.
  19. Keep working instead of chatting unnecessarily.
  20. The whole world is suffering from the pandemic of Covid.
  21. Her father died of cancer last year.
  22. This is a good chance of speaking your mind.
  23. She got out of my way.
  24. There was a marriage ceremony of his friend.
  25. The surgeon was accused of negligence during the operation. 
  26. There was the arrival of a train in two minutes.
  27. Be careful of the poisonous plants while roaming through the jungle.
  28. Be aware of the forest animals while wandering in the jungle.
  29. We walked a few kilometers of a new road.
  30. Yes, you can be accused of supporting trollers only because he is a politician.
  31. Beware of stray dogs. They are roaming on the road.
  32. He is an owner of billions of Dollars Company.
  33. Would you please give me a piece of cake?
  34. I have a collection of ten stories.
  35. This is the way of my speaking others, and people like it.
  36. He was the Prince of Wales.
  37. Keep red cloth out of bull’s sight.
  38. He accused her boss of harassment.
  39. The chief minister of Maharashtra is a nice person.
  40. Take care of your belongings; it’s your responsibility.
  41. She came with a dozen of papers in her hand.
  42. Come out of that situation.
  43. It contains twenty litres of water.
  44. He has a party in the South of Mumbai.
  45. She offered me a cup of tea.
  46. Get out of my house.
  47. A school of crows is circling on our building.
  48. Listen to what I am saying, all of you.
  49. She has to submit all documents of her project.
  50. Nice of you.

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