50 Because Sentence Examples

  1. He cried because he saw some unnatural things. 
  2. have to see him at the station because he is there.
  3. I can’t entirely agree with that because it is impractical.
  4. She is doing that because I asked to do so.
  5. He was released early because of his good conduct in jail.
  6. I have money because I sell the products.
  7. She gave me her book because I wanted it.
  8. I came back because they were having their dinner.
  9. She couldn’t attend the meeting because of her illness.
  10. I got out of his house because she was watching television.
  11. I avoided a debt because of its high interest.
  12. She received a prize because she deserved it.
  13. We can see it because it exists.
  14. She died because of her husband.
  15. I was absent because of my mother’s sickness.
  16. She washed her dog because it became dirty and wet.
  17. Don’t forgive him just because he is your friend.
  18. I succeeded because of my mother’s advice.
  19. She collapsed because of the heat.
  20. I have to purchase a new computer because my computer is damaged.
  21. A bed sheet shrunk because I washed it; I didn’t dry clean it.
  22. I have to attend my relative’s wedding because he invited me.
  23. She passed because she worked hard.
  24. I ate an apple because I was hungry.
  25. They suffered a lot because of a rough road.
  26. I helped him because he wanted to.
  27. She is absent from class because she fell sick.
  28. I know that because my sister told me.
  29. Jackie left the job because he didn’t get payment.
  30. My son is here because of me.
  31. I came because I wanted to roam in the garden.
  32. She lied to me because she thought I would be angry with her.
  33. I caught the ball because I could.
  34. He was embarrassed because of his fumble.
  35. We returned early because of bad weather.
  36. I attended the class because of my colleague.
  37. They eloped because their parents were against their marriage.
  38. They called me to work as a translator because I know English.
  39. John was fired because of his slow work.
  40. Keep guiding the students because you teach them well.
  41. The deal couldn’t happen because of his misconduct.
  42. He doesn’t speak with his dad because of his anger.
  43. We can’t expect more from him because he is an unskilled worker.
  44. I don’t have to marry you because I hate you.
  45. She was late because of the late train.
  46. I am late because of too much traffic on the road.
  47. So many people died this year because of the Corona pandemic.
  48. I do it very well because I am skilled in it.
  49. She punished her student because he didn’t complete his homework.
  50. He came out of a theater because a film was boring.

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