50 Large Sentence Examples

  1. It isn’t large enough.
  2. India is a large country with a population.
  3. The ground is large, having a football space separately.
  4. There is a large dent on a fridge door.
  5. The crew of that cinema is too large.
  6. My family is large.
  7. They entertain people on a large scale.
  8. All of my gadgets consume large electricity.
  9. I like large houses in the field.
  10. My college has a large biology lab.
  11. There are large patches of rust on a window grill.
  12. Apes have large hands.
  13. There is a large crowd gathered on the ground.
  14. Please take it in a large bowl.
  15. The diameter of the Sun is very large.
  16. A large wave in the ocean frightened the people on the beach.
  17. Before ten years, he had a large empire of industries.
  18. We should build large dams on the rivers.
  19. They export a large number of phones to Indonesia.
  20. I always have a large stock of grain in my house.
  21. My home has a large backyard.
  22. A large quantity of ice is required to store the fish.
  23. He sent me a large parcel of food.
  24. There is a large water 
  25. He has a large warehouse behind his shop.
  26. We have a large clock hung on a wall.
  27. He takes a large spoon to serve.
  28. There are large rocks we are going to see.
  29. The audience was too large.
  30. She lives in a large mansion in India.
  31. Our home staircase requires large repairs.
  32. I saw a large bird sitting on a tree yesterday.
  33. He caught a large Anaconda in a forest.
  34. This house is large enough for us.
  35. It requires a large truck to load in.
  36. There are two large buildings on the road.
  37. An elephant has a large trumpet.
  38. Sam has a large moustache.
  39. These pantaloons are too large for me.
  40. We had a large pizza at the party.
  41. The large intestine absorbs water.
  42. She has a large audience that watches her every video.
  43. A large telescope is put in the ground to watch the Moon.
  44. That’s a large building I have never seen.
  45. He fell in a large well in the morning.
  46. Sahara is a large desert area.
  47. His company built many large buildings within the last two years.
  48. Every medicine is poisonous if taken in large quantities.
  49. Pam climbed the large tree.
  50. Mobile companies built large towers to smoothen the network.

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