How to Use Article: 60 Sentence Examples with Article

The meaning of ‘article is a piece of writing on a particular subject in a newspaper, website, or magazine. Also, we can use the word article for an individual object, a member, a portion of a class, or an item.

Here are some sentences with the word ‘article:

  1. A magazine published an article about the newest fashion trends.
  2. I came across a fascinating article regarding climate change.
  3. An article concerning the municipal election was published in the newspaper.
  4. She authored an insightful article about gender equality.
  5. The significant study findings were published in the scientific article.
  6. He turned in an article for publication in a literary journal.
  7. The author emphasized the significance of early childhood education in the article.
  8. There was an article about healthy eating practices in the magazine.
  9. The article on the internet became viral and received a lot of attention.
  10. A thorough study of the state of the economy was presented in the article.
  11. The journalist covered the latest stock market crisis in the news article.
  12. The article explored the past of prehistoric societies.
  13. She saved the article in her bookmarks for further use.
  14. The article in the magazine clarified the corruption in the government.
  15. The article examined how social media usage affects mental health.
  16. Readers engaged in a contentious discussion following the opinion article.
  17. He provided evidence for his points in his article from several sources.
  18. In an article, she provided advice on how to handle stress.
  19. The ramifications of artificial intelligence were covered in the scholarly article.
  20. The investigation article revealed business fraud.
  21. He quickly reviewed the article to gain a general understanding of the subject.
  22. A dramatist’s achievements were highlighted in the feature article.
  23. The article drew the attention of threatened or endangered species.
  24. The article focused on issues that small firms deal with.
  25. She interviewed people for her article about unemployment.
  26. A newspaper article made the scandal in the entertainment industry public.
  27. In his study, he cited the article.
  28. The article offered detailed directions for do-it-yourself house remodeling.
  29. She published an opinion article arguing for more stringent gun laws.
  30. The article covered the benefits and drawbacks of Internet shopping.
  31. An article about healthy living was published in the journal.
  32. The benefits of meditating on mindfulness were examined in the article.
  33. The article in the news discussed the rising rates of unemployment.
  34. He summarized all of his adventures in a hilarious article.
  35. To write his article on consumer preferences, he conducted polls.
  36. An analysis of how social media affects political campaigns was done in the article.
  37. To start a conversation, she sent the article to her coworkers.
  38. Significant issues with the educational system were brought up in the article.
  39. An article about the newest trends in fitness was published in the magazine.
  40. She sent a parenting magazine article about practical approaches to discipline.
  41. Her article on the significance of mental health awareness is quite persuasive.
  42. The local sports team’s win was reported in the newspaper article.
  43. The article sheds light on the advantages of volunteer work.
  44. He penned an article for a blog about sustainability and renewable energy sources.
  45. An article about the advantages of organic farming was published in the journal.
  46. The article examined how technology affects interpersonal relationships.
  47. The article provided data-driven proof to back up its assertions.
  48. The political turmoil in the area was mentioned in the newspaper article.
  49. The news article covered a natural disaster’s aftermath.
  50. Stricter environmental regulations were advocated in the opinion article.
  51. In his scholarly presentation, he cited the article.
  52. The article looked at how art can influence social transformation.
  53. To start a dialogue, he posted the article on social media.
  54. For a women’s magazine, she contributed an article on the evolution of feminism.
  55. The article covered how climate change affects biodiversity.
  56. The article provided practical time-management techniques.
  57. An article about the value of work-life balance was published in the magazine.
  58. The news article discussed the most recent developments in technology.
  59. She interviewed specialists for her green energy article.
  60. The article provided case studies to bolster its findings.

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