50 About Sentence Examples

  1. Do you want to tell me about your working hours?
  2. I love thinking about the future of my kids.
  3. In fact, everything about her was out of the imagination.
  4. I didn’t ask about her family, and she never told me.
  5. “What shall we write about?” they asked.
  6. In a few days, they had forgotten about their parents what they asked to do.
  7. Don’t worry about me, I am fine.
  8. John was about to wave his hand.
  9. We could speak with your teacher about your studies.
  10. How do you take about his poor improvement?
  11. Think about things that are beautiful and give positive energy.
  12. Don’t forget about my pet.
  13. What’s that film about?
  14. There is too much information about the Sequoia tree on the encyclopedia website.
  15. They were talking about
  16. She doesn’t know what we are speaking about.
  17. I didn’t have an idea about the prices of real estate now.
  18. Let’s talk about your plan of study.
  19. I finally understood what was spoken about
  20. I have been at your school for about an hour.
  21. He didn’t care about her health.
  22. Don’t talk about those misleading events.
  23. You forgot all about
  24. Do you know about mesothelioma?
  25. She couldn’t talk about her son at that moment.
  26. I felt bad about her knowing that she met with an accident.
  27. What about had they spoken?
  28. She goes to bed at about
  29. They never show knowledge about
  30. What about your next plan of a tour?
  31. Is there any quiz about prepositions in that book?
  32. What about are you excited?
  33. Why don’t you tell me about your program?
  34. She was asking about a personal loan.
  35. She talked about literature that she read.
  36. Has Tony told you about his birthday party?
  37. Do you want to talk about what’s bothering you?
  38. Did you hear about the UEFA Champions league?
  39. He lied about his relationship with Martha.
  40. She thinks about you all the time.
  41. She was asking me about the sources to learn about
  42. They were getting information about hosting services.
  43. Don’t worry about He will take care of himself.
  44. He told me about the situation.
  45. I wish I would do something about my wardrobe.
  46. Are you about to go home?
  47. She wanted to know about insurance policies.
  48. Did you hear about the award of our teacher?
  49. What are you so angry about?
  50. Do you know what questions to ask about adoption?

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