41 Learn Sentence Examples

  1. This is very easy to learn.
  2. She always listens and learns.
  3. She will never learn.
  4. He learns how to clean a room quickly.
  5. He needs to learn to deal with the difficult situation he has to face.
  6. She went to America; she must learn
  7. I have a lot to learn about building websites.
  8. You cannot learn Marathi without learning
  9. She learned a new trick to jump so high.
  10. He learned to speak English from me.
  11. She was surprised to learn that he was a pilot.
  12. What did you learn in your history class?
  13. She has to learn how to serve in five-star hotels.
  14. It took her some time to learn how to dive in the ocean.
  15. If she had a lot of time, she would learn how to draw caricatures.
  16. What is the best way for me to learn the Marathi language?
  17. Learning is not depending on your age. You can learn at any age.
  18. learned how human in monolithic age was living.
  19. There is no specific time to learn
  20. As a child, Einstein was late in learning to talk.
  21. He learned that the Sun rises in the east.
  22. Students should learn
  23. All students in the class learned the quotes by heart.
  24. Some people think English is really hard to learn. But it isn’t.
  25. I will help you learn to type on a computer.
  26. Can we learn to build a website with the help of the internet?
  27. She must learn more words by heart to speak fluently.
  28. He learned never to speak ill of others.
  29. At a young age, I had to learn to earn money.
  30. The teacher asked students to learn the poem by heart.
  31. If you don’t know how to cook, you should learn.
  32. She is learning
  33. They learned about human evolution in a science class.
  34. He never learned to swim.
  35. Do they learn to make things easy?
  36. The best way to learn swimming is to join a swimming class.
  37. Sam said he didn’t learn anything at school today.
  38. You have to learn it fast.
  39. He came to learn the customs of the Indian people.
  40. She learned many new phrases in the class.
  41. Can deaf children learn to speak?

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