50 Was Sentence Examples

  1. My brother was a military pilot at the time of war.
  2. My mother was a professor of the English language.
  3. My sister was a chemical engineer.
  4. Her mother was so superstitious that she wouldn’t go without a red thread on the wrist.
  5. The motorman was very cautious when a train was running through the tunnel.
  6. She was a ticket checker in the railway department.
  7. She was an advocate at the Supreme Court.
  8. His uncle was a professional photographer.
  9. She was a motor woman at Mumbai local train.
  10. He was a peaceful person and didn’t like to argue with anyone.
  11. Sameer was present for the meeting.
  12. Shalaka was observing the painting.
  13. He was extremely sorry for his misbehaviour with her.
  14. She was a nurse in medical college.
  15. He was an officer in the education department.
  16. She was delighted to see him at the railway station.
  17. He forgot that yesterday was Sunday.
  18. She was a doctor at a government hospital.
  19. Smita was a teacher in Aurangabad.
  20. Everyone was speechless when she stood to speak on stage.
  21. She was an academic book publisher.
  22. When I was coming home, there was nobody on the road.
  23. He was a bookseller in Pune.
  24. My brother was surprised to see his mother in front of him in the office.
  25. He was coming for our annual college function.
  26. The meeting was held in a five-star hotel near the sea beach.
  27. I was sleeping in my courtyard.
  28. She was studying in a college library.
  29. He was teaching philosophy.
  30. All wooden furniture was burnt in that mishap.
  31. It was eating fruit under a tree.
  32. Saurabh was carrying his tiffin.
  33. The cat was playing on the roof.
  34. That incident was mesmerizing.
  35. A thief was trapped by the police.
  36. She was stitching a gown.
  37. The murder investigation was going on yesterday.
  38. He was collecting postage stamps.
  39. She was adopted by her uncle.
  40. She was fixing a gas cylinder.
  41. Dinner was delicious in that hotel.
  42. He was fetching water from a water tanker.
  43. Tom was confused to write or to read.
  44. She was in Mahabaleswar last Sunday to attend an event.
  45. She was solving an example of Mathematics.
  46. Parth was deciding to work from Monday.
  47. Don’t be overjoyed; first, listen to complete results.
  48. Rashi was developing an educational website.
  49. He admitted that he was wrong.
  50. She was packing a gift for her brother.

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