50 Near Sentence Examples

  1. The hospital is near to my home.
  2. My work is nearly complete now.
  3. Come and meet me near the station.
  4. We go every year to stay in a farmhouse near the beach.
  5. He was nearly died.
  6. My brother lives near Pune.
  7. Don’t go near a well.  
  8. Sit near me.
  9. He sat in a chair taking near the fire. 
  10. They nearly missed the bus.
  11. In the morning, we were roaming near the coast.
  12. I am near forty.
  13. She nearly broke his heart.
  14. The cracker is near the burst, and he hold it in his hand.
  15. She stays quite near the hospital.
  16. Some of the houses near the beach were damaged by Stunami. 
  17. Mary is sitting near her sister.
  18. I nearly missed the opportunity of watching a movie.
  19. He collapsed on the road near a tree. 
  20. I know you are near my house, come to me.
  21. Take a phone near you. 
  22. John has a small dark birthmark near his right ear.
  23. He nearly broke his hand.
  24. He went back into the bedroom, slipped into the bed near a cupboard. 
  25. She climbed a staircase near the door. 
  26. The meeting was near to an end.
  27. A horse was tied in a stable in a farm near the dam.
  28. Chandan was raised a village near the mountain.
  29. A bird was making sound sitting on a branch near my home.
  30. A man nearly killed himself.
  31. He saw me and was near tears.
  32. She nearly lost her house.
  33. There is a large tree near our college library.
  34. He was seeing out standing near the window.
  35. The roads are crossed near the hotel on the road.
  36. We are near the mountain peak.
  37. Don’t go near the edge – it isn’t safe.
  38. I am waiting for you near the station.
  39. There isn’t any parking space near the shop.
  40. I was born in a remote area near the river. 
  41. We won’t play near the railway station.
  42. They saw a lion roaming on the road near the forest.
  43. Come near I have to tell you something.
  44. I think, you understood nearly everything.
  45. At that time, my mother was near death.
  46. The timing is nearly perfect.
  47. Nearly four hours passed we are sitting here idle.
  48. The year end is near.
  49. She stays near our building.
  50. He stood near me, and whispered in my ears.

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