50 Has Sentence Examples

  1. That guy has a large cut on his forehead.
  2. She has to buy a blanket for her baby.
  3. She has made a tattoo of a lion on her back.
  4. My sister has a migraine, so she doesn’t take cold drinks.
  5. The health expert has explained the health issues very nicely.
  6. She has taken a vaccine, so she has a fever.
  7. Sarika has a wrong opinion about her boss.
  8. He has many books, but he doesn’t read.
  9. A child has imagined the red mountain and painted it on paper.
  10. My son has to dress up now, and he has to go to school.
  11. That boy has a dictionary in his hand.
  12. He has brushed his teeth after his dinner.
  13. She has a high fever, but she doesn’t care about it.
  14. Apple has taken a public stand.
  15. She is very possessive of her kids. All she has is her kids.
  16. He has a severe headache, so he becomes so restless.
  17. She has beautiful images of animals.
  18. She has a runny nose every winter.
  19. Dorothy has to go to bed early to get up early in the morning.
  20. She hasn’t helped her sister.
  21. She has to leave at 5 o’clock to take her son from his school.
  22. She has lost twenty years of her life after her.
  23. She has a dance class tomorrow evening.
  24. She has nothing to ask about the topic they discussed.
  25. He has a receipt for that laptop. He is returning it to the seller.
  26. My brother has to come to me with his two daughters.
  27. Don’t worry. She has sufficient money with her.
  28. She has received the check for her payment.
  29. She has heard the story that her sister wrote very carefully.
  30. That person has eaten twelve slices of bread at once, and he is well.
  31. She has heard about the event from her.
  32. He has so many old coins kept in special packing.
  33. She has got a business visa. He is going to America next week.
  34. She has just taken my pencil to draw a sketch.
  35. Amar has to iron my white dress that I have to put on now.
  36. He has wooden furniture in his house.
  37. She has to take medicine for fifteen days to cure her asthma.
  38. He has two siblings. He loves them so much.
  39. She has a better idea about dress design than I do.
  40. She has a chance to go for a tour from her office.
  41. He has an Alsatian dog with him.
  42. My son has collected more coins to put in the exhibition.
  43. She has a surprise for you.
  44. My son has enjoyed his vacation with his friends.
  45. My boss has another meeting regarding the presentation.
  46. He has to look for some documents.
  47. He has to spend summer vacation with his family.
  48. She has a great deal of film animation with an international company.
  49. She has a bad sunburn, so she is going to the doctor.
  50. My father has reserved a train ticket to go to our hometown.

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