50 Many Sentence Examples

  1. They got many responses to their advertisement.
  2. There are too many people chasing the same type of job.
  3. She doesn’t have many pens in her bag.
  4. Many people don’t even recheck their documents.
  5. Many parents avoid their ward’s mistakes.
  6. She didn’t call many women for the show.
  7. I have met her so many times.
  8. There weren’t many participants for that event.
  9. Rahul was at the party with his many followers.
  10. So many people gathered in the park.
  11. Many people left to take their lunch.
  12. I visited that place many times.
  13. Many students were unable to read the sentences on the blackboard.
  14. He has many hobbies, and he enjoys them according to the situation.
  15. Many students may not understand your language.
  16. I have published a list of many bookmarking sites.
  17. Many songs that he sang became hit.
  18. This company will give a job to many job seekers.
  19. Let me ask him as many as he likes.
  20. Many society members disagreed with the proposal he submitted.
  21. There were many coaches on the football ground.
  22. I spent many hours researching keywords on search engines.
  23. There are too many applications on the internet.
  24. So many IPL matches were played in that stadium.
  25. I have been teaching there for many years.
  26. So many people are unaware of the history of EPL.
  27. There was a king many years ago.
  28. I picked as many apples as I could.
  29. The school has students of many different cultural backgrounds.
  30. Many of the beggars at the station were blind.
  31. I don’t know how many members are in the group.
  32. Many hundreds of people died in this pandemic.
  33. There are so many options available in WordPress.
  34. You will get the football fixture of many matches.
  35. There are too many silly questions in that quiz.
  36. They have too many people getting a free coupon.
  37. Many people attended the speech of the chief minister.
  38. Sameer has so many friends.
  39. Ann has many followers on social media.
  40. Many thanks.
  41. Many people bought the shares of that aviation company.
  42. He owns many cars.
  43. I have many images that I can use on my websites.
  44. The company is hiring so many people.
  45. I overcame many difficulties.
  46. There were many two-wheelers on the road.
  47. Many criminals roam on the street; no one takes action against them.
  48. In the Covid pandemic, many businesses are closed down.
  49. Many fish died last month.
  50. British established many colonies in the world.

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