50 Are Sentence Examples

  1. We are modern girls, can survive in any situation.
  2. They are intelligent boys; nobody wins in front of them.
  3. We are so happy to see him these days.
  4. They are so tired because of too much work at the office.
  5. Where are they performing a dance?
  6. We are bored, and we want a break.
  7. They are peaceful persons, and then also you are teasing them.
  8. They are waiting for you, come early.
  9. All of them are getting promotions this year, so they are pleased.
  10. All in my office are busy with their work as there are too many assignments this week.
  11. On what part of a building are they working?
  12. We are surprised by the way he played in the tournament.
  13. Those birds are thirsty, so they have come here in search of water.
  14. We are back to fight this pandemic.
  15. They are confused about visiting that place as they heard that there happen some paranormal activities.
  16. Guess how many steps are there to that temple.
  17. They are under eighteen years. So all of them are minor.
  18. They are seventeen, but she doesn’t believe.
  19. They are telling their youth age experiences to each other.
  20. Both are old persons so they can’t climb on that steep mountain.
  21. Are his colleagues peaceful persons?
  22. We are actresses. We have to maintain our lifestyle.
  23. They know about the film-making process. They are from the film fraternity.
  24. Are those boys very naughty?
  25. Both of his brothers are producers of this film.
  26. Are you a publisher? I see so many scripts of books on your table.
  27. Are Kalyani’s friends frightened?
  28. Are your neighbours the old persons?
  29. Police are chasing the thieves. They stole a bike in the market.
  30. Are they cricket players?
  31. They are the participants of IPL.
  32. Sameer and Adwait are best friends.
  33. Are those students polite?
  34. We are not celebrating that event this year.
  35. Are you a producer of this film?
  36. Are his sisters the film editors?
  37. They are having on the trip.
  38. His colleagues are peaceful persons.
  39. So many people are poor, so they have to work.
  40. Are you protecting him from the dire situation?
  41. His parents are surprised.
  42. Why aren’t you participating in that tournament?
  43. They are football players.
  44. You didn’t allow to play the children, so they are sad.
  45. We are proud of our nation.
  46. They are very tragic persons, so no one in our society speaks with them.
  47. They are very superstitious. They observe all guidelines of palm readers.
  48. Students are solving quizzes on the computers.
  49. Those shopkeepers are helping potters. They sell earthen pots.
  50. How are you feeling now?

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