50 These Sentence Examples

  1. These oranges are of small size.
  2. I can use these images on my website.
  3. Teachers use these whiteboards to teach the students.
  4. These fruits are yellow coloured.
  5. I have to hang these oil paintings on a wall.
  6. These are the books I need.
  7. These are my pens, and I won’t give you.
  8. He uses these pencils to sketch the caricatures.
  9. She brought these pink flowers from her garden.
  10. These are soft toys of my baby.
  11. These boys are very clever.
  12. These cycles are helpful for handicaps.
  13. These guys are very tall to adjust in that place.
  14. These scholar boys think first and then act.
  15. I have to purchase these bags for my sister.
  16. She is asking for these books.
  17. I need these blue coloured clothes as my office uniform.
  18. These are CDs of the event that I hosted last year.
  19. These cell phones are beautiful.
  20. These are printing machines.
  21. One has to take more care of these dogs as pets.
  22. How are you doing these days?
  23. Did you recheck these notes?
  24. These chairs are red.
  25. These students are in the sixth standard.
  26. These labours climb on high buildings to colour.
  27. These are shortcut methods to learn mathematics.
  28. These are miniatures of the large model.
  29. These things are fantastic; I liked them all.
  30. These flowers are of the same shape and size.
  31. These handmade bags are attractive.
  32. You must be careful not to spend these foolishly.
  33. These utensils are cleaned by the worker.
  34. These are girls’ clothes.
  35. These books aren’t mine.
  36. These boys are handsome.
  37. I like these new mobile phone models.
  38. These methods are familiar to researchers.
  39. Have you used these cakes as a substitute for liquid soap?
  40. We are getting a tough time on these pandemic days.
  41. Do you have these dresses in white colour?
  42. These facilities are for only sports-persons so that you won’t get them.
  43. These ideas are troublesome, so we should think different.
  44. These things can explain too much about it.
  45. Would you please help me wash these utensils?
  46. Because of these reasons, he is cutting his expenses.
  47. All of these dresses are beautiful.
  48. All of these are exclamatory sentences.
  49. I don’t think that these are our requirements.
  50. After some time clothes of these colours become faint.

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