50 By Sentence Examples

  1. I always stand by her.
  2. Complete all your assignments by next week.
  3. Let’s go by train; we will reach in time.
  4. I came by my car. I didn’t have time to wait for the office cab.
  5. They went to the dam by taxi.
  6. My colleagues and I commute by cab. We contribute to that.
  7. I paid for the bed sheet by cheque.
  8. The bus was handed over by the driver.
  9. She learned by herself.
  10. The building was damaged by the fire.
  11. I send him by school bus.
  12. We will send it by the second week of November.
  13. Sarika always comes home by 8 o’clock.
  14. There are so many dramas by William Shakespeare.
  15. My dog was bitten by a mad dog.
  16. She was protected by her bodyguard, who was always with her.
  17. She studies by herself.
  18. The terms were decided by the manager.
  19. Please send it to me by mail, I shall check it.
  20. I ran from the ground by telling my health issues to the coach.
  21. Sit by your father and check your notebook.
  22. I go through the book page by page.
  23. We will be back by nine o’clock.
  24. I always teach students to step by step.
  25. She came and stood by me.
  26. She was selected for the next round by the jury.
  27. Amazon stock is up by 20 per cent.
  28. He held her mother by her sleeve.
  29. Hall is about twelve feet by fifteen feet.
  30. You are younger than me by two years.
  31. You grabbed it by your left hand.
  32. There was a lion close by the shepherd.
  33. They sell leafy vegetables by the kilo.
  34. He was almost hit by a train, but he suddenly jumped.
  35. I contacted her yesterday by Whatsapp.
  36. The book is written by Satyaranjan Kherde.
  37. I paid for the clothes by cheque.
  38. My father asked me to come by nine am.
  39. Think over it by Friday and then tell me your opinion.
  40. The large painting was painted by Picasso.
  41. I always come by train, and seldom by bus.
  42. The goat opened the gate by itself.
  43. That house was built by my father forty years ago.
  44. The football match was watched by football fans.
  45. She was invited for dinner by her friend.
  46. Have all the information about the project by next Monday.
  47. I was shocked by seeing him suddenly in front of me.
  48. We are blessed by nature with natural resources.
  49. The lunch is probably ready by now.
  50. They were impressed by my writing skill.

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