50 Were Sentence Examples

  1. Crows were flying in the sky.
  2. There were so many hawkers on the road.
  3. Tarak and his wife were comic poets.
  4. Sachin’s two brothers were cricket players.
  5. We were doctors at government hospitals.
  6. My wife and brother were professors at Bhavans College.
  7. They were ticket checkers in the railway department.
  8. Her son and she both were advocates at Supreme Court.
  9. Both sisters of mine were nurses in medical college.
  10. You were officers in the education department at that time.
  11. Smita and her spouse were teachers in Aurangabad.
  12. Students were spending the afternoon in the garden.
  13. Parents were asking about their ward’s progress.
  14. Monkeys were snatching the biscuits from his hand.
  15. His two uncles were professional photographers in the film industry.
  16. There were academic book publishers gathered to discuss the law about publishing.
  17. All students standing in a row were well dressed.
  18. We were so hungry that we couldn’t walk anymore.
  19. New news reporters were appointed to cover the breaking news.
  20. You were ten years old when I joined the office.
  21. Bank managers were guiding consumers in that program.
  22. We were moving forward with our parents.
  23. You were talking about my success.
  24. They were running a Marathon when I was sitting idle at home.
  25. Snehal and her friend were attending the marriage.
  26. We were playing football in the garden area.
  27. They were listening to music in a low voice.
  28. All were frightened after watching the film about a witch.
  29. We were making dinner for them.
  30. Lara’s friends were working in the same school.
  31. We were spoiling water unnecessarily.
  32. Grandparents were taking me with them.
  33. We were a family, but it is broken now.
  34. I saw the two snakes were chasing their prey in the forest.
  35. We were extremely sorry for not giving her a chance to prove herself. You were paying him extra money for that cheap product.
  36. Singers were singing bhajan, and the audience was enjoying it.
  37. They were waiting for us, but we reached soon.
  38. We were driving a car through the desert.
  39. They were visiting the flood-affected area.
  40. Girls were continuously dancing on stage till the bell rang.
  41. We were planning my professional studies.
  42. When they came inside the gate, dogs were barking at them.
  43. For the school annual function celebration, boys were decorating their class.
  44. They were walking in the street and enjoying the starry night.
  45. As they both were fiction writers, they were working on the same fiction.
  46. As there were no drivers, our teachers were driving the cars on a trip.
  47. They were informing us about the proper situation.
  48. You were showing me that picture.
  49. Shopkeepers were arranging the commodities in the morning.
  50. Four watchmen were appointed to stay at the gate.

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