50 After Sentence Examples

  1. You can go out to play after you finish your practical. 
  2. Come back after lunch.
  3. We should do routine checkups after every year.
  4. After a while, she began running on the road.
  5. Police are running after a thief.
  6. I will be fine after I rest for an hour.
  7. She was throwing one ball after another on a wall. 
  8. I like the smell of the earth after it rains. 
  9. After all, it’s our constitutional right.
  10. My mother stared after me and shook her hand.
  11. They managed well, after all.
  12. She didn’t suffer from a cold after exposing herself to a cool climate. 
  13. They will meet me after they make plans.
  14. She knew how to register a domain name after reading an article.
  15. The country becomes poor in intelligence after too much brain drain.
  16. After a storm, it comes a calm.
  17. She was happy after everyone clapped for her.
  18. Cat ran after a dog, and suddenly she sat on the ground.
  19. After all, I don’t mind.
  20. They arrived after we reached there.
  21. You should solve that example step after step.
  22. Let’s meet our teacher after the interval.
  23. After covering with a lid, she kept a vessel of cooked food in a fridge.
  24. It rains after dark clouds.
  25. After all, I was right, so I am not sad about what happened.
  26. If you run after two things, you cannot catch anything.
  27. She read the questions about the brain on the website after she was notified.
  28. She was so angry after she knew that he had deceived her. 
  29. He made her speak after a grand pause.
  30. It’s too late to close the door after the things have been stolen.
  31. He achieved his goal after ten years.
  32. It rained day after day last year.
  33. We use after in a sentence as an adverb.
  34. After that, she went with her son.
  35. You should learn passive voice after tenses.
  36. She came after me.
  37. After you.
  38. Day after day, she waited for him, but he didn’t arrive.
  39. You have to repeat after me.
  40. She published English Premier League fixtures after Champions League fixtures.
  41. We should look after our elders.
  42. We are going on vacation after exams are over.  
  43. I have to look after myself.
  44. After painting the walls, there wasn’t any work for him.
  45. He was after me.
  46. The name of the school is named after a founder of the school.
  47. You left after lunch but didn’t tell anybody.
  48. After dinner, sit a while; after supper, walk a mile.
  49. She joined a firm after quitting his education.
  50. There was clear weather after black clouds.

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