50 Upon Sentence Examples

  1. Once upon a time, there lived a crazy man in the jungle.
  2. I came upon my colleague on the bus.
  3. He insisted upon that matter to discuss.
  4. She was called upon to host an event.
  5. My whole career depends upon this exam.
  6. It is not necessary to always depend upon others.
  7. At that time, he felt that he placed responsibilities upon me.
  8. We should not rely upon the facilities we get to work well.
  9. They look upon me as their enemy.
  10. It should not happen upon her.
  11. The soldiers were upon the enemy within minutes. 
  12. One misfortune rides upon another’s back.
  13. She joined the firm immediately upon leaving her previous job.
  14. Fortune smiles upon the brave, frowns upon the coward.
  15. She placed some fruits upon the table.
  16. There was a shower of misfortunes upon the older woman.
  17. Upon reaching the airport, you didn’t speak to me.
  18. Science rests upon observations.
  19. The Jury put the crown upon the selected beauty contest candidate’s head.
  20. At last, fate smiled upon her.
  21. She wanted to meet him month upon month, but he never met.
  22. It depends upon various factors.
  23. Upon reaching ten steps, I realized that I was in a castle.
  24. An authority calls upon the servants.
  25. I picked up a puppy that had fallen upon the grass.
  26. He stumbled upon the marble.
  27. She stood upon the rope.
  28. I didn’t behave well; I brought shame upon myself.
  29. He carefully placed a beautiful vase upon the table.
  30. The documents are available upon request.
  31. She gently placed the glass bottle upon the shelf.
  32. Listen, an excellent idea came upon me.
  33. You hit upon a good idea.
  34. Unnecessary taxes have been imposed upon us.
  35. There might be peace upon you.
  36. Both of them fell upon their elbows.
  37. Life is favour upon us.
  38. Everyone was called upon to attend the event.
  39. Ultimately terms were agreed upon.
  40. She fixed her gaze upon a lady coming at her.
  41. Call upon God when you feel lonely.
  42. That is not a place to sit upon.
  43. He knows what is agreed upon.
  44. I have no one to wait upon me.
  45. She took that matter upon herself.
  46. She always depends upon me to help.
  47. It rained soundlessly upon the jungle.
  48. Upon hearing the news of the mishap, she started crying.
  49. A good book is a best friend who never turns his back upon us.
  50. The medicine in your hand acts upon the lungs.

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