41 That Sentence Examples

  1. Do you know that place?
  2. I think that is sufficient for him.
  3. Is that your mother standing by the door?
  4. Would you please stop that fuss?
  5. That’s a funny video I watched.
  6. Switch that light off if it is not necessary.
  7. Did you get that book in the library?
  8. Is that OK to accompany her?
  9. What is in that box?
  10. He didn’t spend time with me that evening.
  11. That idea worked for me. Thank you for that.
  12. She liked that mobile phone purchased yesterday.
  13. What colour did you paint that wall?
  14. That’s clear that you will help her at any cost.
  15. He wondered if that book helped him think positive.
  16. I guess that will work for him.
  17. That place seems haunted.
  18. I liked that the painting hung on a front wall.
  19. That’s so crazy climbing on such a tall tree.
  20. She hadn’t said anything about that incident.
  21. What did that music make you think?
  22. What is going on in that mysterious brain?
  23. Were you happy with that birthday party thrown for you?
  24. That guy knocked on the door and gave me a chocolate.
  25. We can use that liquid as a substitute for soap cake.
  26. That travel was very adventurous for me.
  27. I didn’t experience that type of travel in my life.
  28. We were back to that again, and we didn’t have any hesitations.
  29. That was the real reason my mother resigned from that post.
  30. How can he manage that type of trip?
  31. That incident hurt him.
  32. He liked that clock too much, but it was not working.
  33. Was that fish alive till evening?
  34. I always thought that he was serious for me, but he was not.
  35. That box contained so many types of fruits.
  36. Have you joined that party on the terrace?
  37. That is not your baby; why are you so protective of it?
  38. He met her that morning to take a decision about their marriage.
  39. He was wrong in that case; he became overconfident.
  40. That celebration made him happy.
  41. Can you pass me that yellow bowl, please? 

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