50 Above Sentence Examples

  1. The light button is above
  2. Above all, be patient to see the results of your work.
  3. She asked me to sign above this line.
  4. A rock fell from above the bar.
  5. Learn the examples given above.
  6. The sun rose above the horizon.
  7. Above all, I want my kids to be healthy.
  8. The eagle is circling above the chickens.
  9. Don’t keep anything above the bed.
  10. I saw the birds were flying above our heads.
  11. A military plane was flying above the city to watch.
  12. The snake bit him above the ankle.
  13. The wall clock is above the sofa.
  14. The school of crows is flying above the trees.
  15. That older woman is above ninety.
  16. While traveling through the mountain, we saw clouds above the mountain
  17. The people lifted him above their heads to celebrate his victory in the election.
  18. Sam grew vegetables above the house.
  19. Director is immediately above the associate director in rank.
  20. That article was above her understanding.
  21. The red light above the building is always on at night.
  22. She kept her head above the water while swimming.
  23. My colleague lives in an apartment above
  24. Above all, we have to carry over.
  25. We can see the ocean from above the terrace.
  26. We saw fog above the mountains.
  27. Vultures were flying in a circle above the dead body.
  28. Don’t raise your voice above.
  29. That city is 2000 meters above sea level.
  30. I cannot build a house above 15 meters.
  31. His ability to animate the film is above
  32. I didn’t notice the tiny video camera above the partition wall.
  33. Yesterday, there was an advertising balloon flying above our building.
  34. The temperature that day was above the freezing point.
  35. No one is above the law.
  36. Above all things, we must not be selfish.
  37. You are strong, clever and, above all, polite.
  38. There was a lamp hanging above the table in the Dhaba.
  39. Babita waved her hand above the windowsill.
  40. There is a kite flying above the tree.
  41. His grades are above average.
  42. We saw the waterfall above the bridge on the way.
  43. We saw the sunrise above the horizon today. We enjoyed it.
  44. The river rose above the level of the dam.
  45. There were several whisky bottles above the sink.
  46. Students of seven and above should attend school.
  47. Birds are flying above the sea.
  48. She is above forty, but she doesn’t seem so.
  49. The left side lift does not go above the eighth floor.
  50. Above all, you should be careful about your food.

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