50 Does Sentence Examples

  1. Prachi does speak on this topic with her mother.
  2. Sameer does ask questions about designing a building.
  3. Washerman does our laundry on Saturday.
  4. She does use ‘does’ to emphasize the action in a sentence.
  5. She does it very cheerfully.
  6. She does it according to her convenience.
  7. Kartik does anything for me.
  8. He does his homework in the evening.
  9. The player does play with dedication.
  10. He does as she asks him to do.
  11. He does quarrel with his elder sister.
  12. The cleaner does cleaning on Monday.
  13. She does like pizza.
  14. He always does research on different sites.
  15. Parth does send me a message.
  16. She does change the book cover frequently.
  17. She does accept that she was wrong.
  18. It does rest under a tree.
  19. Anjali does close windows at night.
  20. She does painting on Sunday.
  21. Saumya does read a book in a library.
  22. She does think cautiously about her visits.
  23. Sameer does his architectural designs in his office.
  24. She does follow her on Facebook.
  25. He does his computerized work in his room.
  26. Goli does join us for some time.
  27. He does recite the words from lessons.
  28. She does remember that incident.
  29. An employee does his work well.
  30. He does office work within a given time.
  31. She does respect him.
  32. He does like my recipes.
  33. She does a job in the office of architecture.
  34. He does sing songs at the annual function of the school.
  35. It does it repeatedly.
  36. He does anything as his wish.
  37. She does a discussion with her mother.
  38. He does come with his wife.
  39. Pritee does her work properly in time.
  40. The performer does well on the stage.
  41. She does it on her own.
  42. It does play on the ground.
  43. She does her duty well.
  44. Chetan does agree to pay workers their proper remuneration.
  45. She does go to her home town every year.
  46. The plant does grow well in fertile soil.
  47. She does write about natural calamities.
  48. He does wash plates before use.
  49. The teacher does teach to solve examples in Mathematics.
  50. She does perform a one-act play on stage.

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