50 Always Sentence Examples

  1. I always buy shoes when I visit a shop.
  2. My mother is always serious about my marriage.
  3. Take some rest; I always notice you are busy doing work.
  4. Hemant has always been called Sam by his family.
  5. We will always call you.
  6. They don’t always agree to the terms mentioned in the agreement.
  7. You always wear white clothes.
  8. It’s a place that we always planned to visit but we can’t due to my health.
  9. She has always wanted to rank higher in a class.
  10. You always don’t pay attention in class.
  11. It’s what we always
  12. My boss is always careful about the meetings about the projects.
  13. I am always on fieldwork on Saturdays.
  14. He always quarrels with others.
  15. Gravitational force always pulls anything downward.
  16. Rest assured, I always keep promises.
  17. She always tried to speak with him, but he didn’t respond.
  18. My father always calls me in the evening.
  19. We always have to behave in a good manner.
  20. Don’t do it, it doesn’t always work.
  21. She had always travelled by luxurious car.
  22. They were always happy with me.
  23. I always believe in you, so I have confidence in you.
  24. She always goes to bed at 9 pm and rises early in the morning.
  25. You always seem cheerful, so anyone wants to speak with you.
  26. They always seem to be very busy on weekends also.
  27. She always listens to her teachers.
  28. He always comes late for discussion.
  29. What happened? He is always sleeping nowadays.
  30. Always keep your pan card in a wallet; it may be helpful in your travel.
  31. We always have options; we will go for another one.
  32. My parents have always taken care of me.
  33. I am not always wrong, don’t behave like a fool.
  34. She always fed us plenty of food.
  35. They always have a plan for anything.
  36. It was not always easy to climb that mountain.
  37. You always cheat me, then also I believe in you.
  38. Always start early for an office.
  39. There is always a mess in your room.
  40. As always, you made us comfortable in this situation.
  41. I always work to succeed in the business.
  42. There is always a container filled with water.
  43. She always pictured herself as an actress, though she is not.
  44. They always behave kindly with each other.
  45. We always trust you, do what you want to do.
  46. That is the story about a kid how he always has been studying seriously.
  47. My mother always favoured me.
  48. Though she wears old fashioned clothes, she always seems stylish.
  49. Please, don’t always blame for anything that goes wrong.
  50. Always keep trying, definitely you will get success.

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