How to Use Star: 50 Sentence Examples with Star

The meaning of the word star is a huge ball of burning gas in space that we can see from the Earth as a light in the sky at night.

We can also use the word star for a successful, famous, and influential person, especially an entertainer like an actor, a singer, or a sportsperson.

Sentences with Star

Here are some sentences with the word ‘check:

  1. Kathy is looking up at the stars.
  2. There are shining stars in the sky.
  3. The most prominent star is that little one.
  4. I’ve seen ‘Star Wars’ two times.
  5. Meteorites are what shooting stars are.
  6. A lot of people like that movie star.
  7. There were many stars in the sky.
  8. The sun shows off the most light.
  9. These cookies look like stars.
  10. Stars started to show up in the sky.
  11. There were stars in the sky.
  12. The hotel we stayed at had three stars.
  13. Were there any stars?
  14. Please don’t say that I’m like a movie star.
  15. Once, I saw a shooting star.
  16. There are fifty stars on the American flag.
  17. Look! A shooting star is now in the sky.
  18. That bright star is so little.
  19. There are a lot of stars out tonight.
  20. Tonight, the stars are very bright.
  21. There are stars in the sky.
  22. They stayed in a five-star hotel.
  23. There were no stars to be seen.
  24. The stars were starting to show up.
  25. There are many stars in a clear sky.
  26. You can’t see the stars during the day.
  27. There were sparkling stars in the sky.
  28. In the sky, there are a lot of stars.
  29. Everyone swarmed around the movie star.
  30. He looked up at the stars in the sky.
  31. She wanted to be a movie star.
  32. It looks like there are a lot of stars.
  33. She hung out with a famous star.
  34. The girls looked up to the big star.
  35. A stellar wind flows from the star outward.
  36. The biggest star in the sky is Sirius.
  37. Petula Clark, a famous singing star from the 1960s, is coming back.
  38. He turned the basketball star’s life story into a play.
  39. His star was high in the sky.
  40. The door had a big gold star on it.
  41. Some stars are so dim that you can hardly see them.
  42. A star player posed for a picture with us.
  43. A great many stars are bigger than our sun.
  44. I can’t keep track of all the stars in the sky.
  45. There were no stars in the sky when we looked up.
  46. The star eventually reached the speed of light.
  47. After that, he was treated like a god, and the brightest star in the sky was named after him.
  48. The star disappears when a telescope’s eye, or object glass, is placed in a dark place.
  49. After a fraction of a second, the opening moves to a bright spot, and the star returns to life.
  50. The star dish was the beautiful goat cheese pasta with broad beans.

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