50 Around Sentence Examples

1. They sat around the dining table and waited for the meal.
2. A lady put her arm around her baby.
3. He had a muffler around his neck to protect him from cold.
4. When I was going to the office, I saw a crowd gathered around the car.
5. The Earth revolves around the Sun, and Moon revolves around the Earth.
6. She was walking around the park near her home.
7. Turn around and check whether something is left to clean.
8. She saw that I passed from her, so she turned around and waved goodbye to me.
9. The dancers were dancing around the people sitting on the ground.
10. He spent most of his life wandering around the city.
11. To auction things, people come all around the world.
12. I passed a paper of present around.
13. Coronavirus is spreading around the world.
14. The python coiled itself tightly around the monkey.
15. Students gathered around the noticeboard to check the exam results.
16. We used to live around Mumbai.
17. He is never around when I need him.
18. Please, be around next week.
19. The museum is famous for its collection of art all around the world.
20. She always leaves her belongings lying around.
21. I was free in the evening. I went to the park and spent time just walking around.
22. He daily takes the children to the park to run around for a while.
23. There are so many covid patients around.
24. His father stopped speaking and looked around him.
25. She saw that light of glowworms was shining around the tree.
26. The boy looked around
27. Her mother with wondering eyes.
28. He is the same person that has been jogging around here all summer.
29. So much has changed around us since you left this area.
30. Please stay around and keep watching.
31. Take a look around, and you will understand the situation.
32. Most of the buildings around us has been reconstructed.
33. She walked seven times around the temple.
34. There are so many talented people all around us.
35. She started checking the roads around her home.
36. Sam looked around for his friend.
37. Girl babies start walking around nine months old.
38. Now, most of the cities are facing air pollution issues around the world.
39. As she had so many options to get around, she was careless.
40. She looked around the bed carefully.
41. He was unaware of time and drove a car around all night.
42. She asked me to meet her around six o’clock in the evening.
43. We shouldn’t sit idly around any longer.
44. I didn’t see her around before.
45. While working on a project, she stuck around for a while.
46. I can’t waste my time waiting around for you.
47. As the bus stopped, she looked around and got off the bus.
48. He travelled by bicycle around the world and set a record in the Guinness book of records.
49. Don’t play around the fire; it is dangerous.
50. I walked around the garden looking for my kids.

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