50 From Sentence Examples

1. They are starting to sell the products from tomorrow.
2. We can get domestic air tickets for travelling from Monday.
3. The events will be taken place from 2:00 pm on Monday.
4. The football finals always take place from 1.30 pm on Sundays.
5. Prices of the accessories in that shop start from 100 Rs.
6. We can start to auction from 10 dollars for that product.
7. Prices of the flats in the skyscrapers starts from 5 crores.
8. She comes from Jaypur.
9. We always buy our vegetables from the farm shop. They’re organically grown.
10. Please, get me a hammer from that shelf.
11. They make brooms and some kitchen wares from plastic.
12. Hut on the mountain is made from grass.
13. She was the principal of that school from 2000 to 2010.
14. He is measuring the building site from north to south.
15. The river flows from one village to another.
16. They make the age groups from seven to ten and eleven to fifteen.
17. The destination is far from the airport.
18. She jumped from the rope.
19. Don’t hide anything from me; you can feel free to speak your mind.
20. After the fire broke, some people brought water from the well near the place.
21. When I went to a farm, water was dripping from the trees, and the grass was wet.
22. Sea is near to our home. We can see it from our backyard.
23. In just a year from now, we will make our business double.
24. She was calling us from her terrace.
25. I was lucky to get away from those mean people.
26. She got down from the bench and settled in at the corner.
27. Always push the negative thoughts from your mind.
28. She closed the door and walked away from the house to buy some vegetables.
29. My mother always shifts her focus from me to my brother.
30. As soon as I rose from a chair, she asked me to be there.
31. Stay away from dairy products.
32. The college is two miles from his home.
33. We don’t get all we want from technology only.
34. from the terrace, it looks like a garland.
35. He came from the office and asked her mother to prepare his travel bag.
36. As he saw a tree is collapsing, he moved away from the tree.
37. John rolled his face away from the bright light of a tube.
38. It was midnight, and I was twenty miles from home.
39. She bought a computer from the nearest electronics shop.
40. I borrowed some money from my friend.
41. if you can’t sleep, count from one to a hundred, and you will become sleepy.
42. Two mangoes fell from a tree, and I brought those home.
43. He comes to teach us from Delhi.
44. They eloped away from a city.
45. I learned how to speak better English from you.
46. He escaped from prison, so the police are after him.
47. She lent money from me last year, she will pay me this month.
48. Learn how to make a WordPress site from scratch.
49. Keep away from the dog.
50. I hope to hear from you.

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