50 Up Sentence Examples

  1. They got off their car and went up the hill.
  2. She held a mug up to her palm and slowly watered a plant.
  3. We can often do until our kids grow up.
  4. I get up at six in the morning?
  5. They were moving up the mountain.
  6. Pick the clothes up off the floor and put those in a cupboard.
  7. Whether I go for a professional course or continue the artwork, it’s up to me.
  8. She raised her son up above her shoulders, which made it enjoyable.
  9. He was strolling up the stairs.
  10. If you know the answer, keep your hand up.
  11. My brother would often stay up all night.
  12. A lodge with all luxuries is 1000 feet up in the mountains.
  13. You can walk up the stairs to get a workout.
  14. A cat stood on a grill with its ears up to check the sound if it was familiar.
  15. I hope share prices pick up soon.
  16. They were looking up at the sky.
  17. Push it up to the wall.
  18. She turned her face up towards the sixteenth floor of a building.
  19. The police of the toll plaza checked up on each car.
  20. Stand up and push the table towards the wall.
  21. Hold your hand and move your elbows up.
  22. She had to give up her education to earn money for survival.
  23. I made up my mind to face the problems I am suffering.
  24. Last year he climbed up to the top of the mountain at Triund.
  25. I have told you everything; now the rest is up to you.
  26. They were walking up the street last night.
  27. Stepping up and down is good for health.
  28. She got up early today, and she has to attend the meeting.
  29. We have to go out, and we will have to get up at six tomorrow morning.
  30. Please wake up, Sam, it’s seven o’clock.
  31. She was observing the up and down movement of an elevator.
  32. Go up upstairs, and switch on the heater.
  33. The police broke up the crowd with the water shower.
  34. The prices of diesel are going up.
  35. The temperature is up today than yesterday.
  36. The bear was walking up the tree in the cage.
  37. Fill up the tank with filtered water.
  38. She asked me to put all the books up the highest shelf.
  39. They have made many plans, but all are still up in the air.
  40. His maternal uncle brought her up, so she takes care of him.
  41. Hurry up; you should reach school in time.
  42. She looked up to the birds flying around.
  43. They saw me walking up and down the stairs.
  44. He picked up the bag and kept it on a table.
  45. Please, fill up the admission form and submit it to the office.
  46. We hung up a banner on a wall of a college building.
  47. I have to keep my old trunk up to the attic.
  48. He gave up his job to take care of her mother, and now he is doing work from home. 
  49. When I went up the hill, I saw a small cottage made of mud and grass.
  50. I am not comfortable with the elevator, so I always go up by a lift.

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