50 Below Sentence Examples

  1. They found a large engine below the surface of the water.
  2. I am highly disappointed; your work is below average.
  3. It’s too cold. It is six degrees below zero now.
  4. There are so many people below the poverty line.
  5. The government launched the scheme for the people below the poverty line.
  6. I live in a village that is below sea level.
  7. John has a scar just below his right eyebrow.
  8. I slipped and fell on the ground below.
  9. Survey the landscape, and fill up all the information below.
  10. I looked in the river water and saw the colourful fish below.
  11. Divers dive below to save the drowned people.
  12. Please read the article below to get more.
  13. He searches the pearls below the sea.
  14. When we reached there, the sun was below the horizon.
  15. The temperature decreased below zero degrees.
  16. The fuel level in a bike is below sufficiency.
  17. All the dresses we purchased were below fifty dollars.
  18. Today the temperature is fallen below zero degrees in hot parts also.
  19. The milk spilt on the top and dripped onto the floor below.
  20. Go over TheBestUknow.com to find the articles below.
  21. She likes to dive below the surface of the water.
  22. They offered the new products at 25% below the price.
  23. We see the beauty of light when the sun goes down below the horizon.
  24. If you have time, could you check the additions below?
  25. A tortoise was swimming just below the water surface in the sea.
  26. The terms and conditions to use this website are given below.
  27. He had to sell his flat below its actual value.
  28. See below, and you will find two students fighting with each other.
  29. Please fill up your information below.
  30. We saw the whole valley spread out below the mountain from the hill.
  31. They planted a bomb below the ground in a field.
  32. I live in a flat below yours.
  33. From the top of the skyscraper, the vehicles below look like insects.
  34. He fell thirty meters below the building.
  35. From below, the building seemed very tall.
  36. They are dancing in the flat below.
  37. She looked down at the valley below.
  38. This term is discussed in more detail below.
  39. Feel free to shoot me an email below.
  40. The link is given in the description box below.
  41. Last night, the temperature went down to ten degrees below zero.
  42. To learn more, click the link below.
  43. In Delhi, the temperature dropped below zero degrees during the last night.
  44. The parking area is below the society office.
  45. I was going below to speak to the security.
  46. The college didn’t accept him as he scored below 70.
  47. The team was rejected because its performance was below average.
  48. Use the table below as a guide to how to design a page.
  49. She was yelling from below.
  50. Please do not write below the line.

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