50 Never Sentence Examples

  1. She had never seen such a large building before.
  2. He was never kind to the kids. 
  3. She should never have got a degree due to her absence in class.
  4. I never repeated that mistake again.
  5. She is clever but never achieves anything.
  6. I’ve never been to Delhi.
  7. I never shout at my kids.
  8. We should never have sent him abroad.
  9. I have never seen such a decoration before.
  10. She never laughs.
  11. I have never seen such a rude person before.
  12. I never compromise the quality of clothes.
  13. He should never have been appointed to the digital marketing company.
  14. As she can’t handle it, she never buys an android phone.
  15. She has never been to this place before.
  16. I never talked to him about my health issues.
  17. It would be best if you had never let her resign.
  18. She accepts challenges and never gives up.
  19. I never ask students to take any exercise before learning.
  20. Sam never showed me his gadgets.
  21. Never argue with your elders.
  22. She never talks about her troubles to anyone.
  23. I have never painted such a picture before.
  24. She never got a chance to prove herself.
  25. It is never too late to do something to succeed.
  26. I have never needed his help to survive.
  27. Everything never turns out right!
  28. A friend without faults will never be found.
  29. Never put off till tomorrow what can be done today.
  30. She never goes anywhere without her kids.
  31. We never go to the cinema at weekends.
  32. He never makes her bed; she asks her sister to do it.
  33. We never find the lost time again.
  34. I never wanted to live alone, but I had to.
  35. Never say ill words for others.
  36. My mother never hurt me though I argued with her.
  37. She never replies to my emails.
  38. He is so jealous, so I never like him.
  39. Cheaters never win, and winners never cheat.
  40. She never even saw my achievements.
  41. We should never lose our kind speaking.
  42. Sam never showed his pains to his mother.
  43. She never worked harder than me.
  44. Never trust strangers.
  45. A wise man never discusses with the unacknowledged person.
  46. You can trust me. I never lie.
  47. That was a mistake. I’ll never do it again. 
  48. I will never leave my job at any cost.
  49. Her mother does all work, and she never does anything at home.
  50. We can never take our words spoken back.

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