50 For Sentence Examples

  1. I purchased that painting for my mother.
  2. I feel so bad for John, but he lost his job due to his attitude.
  3. Some trains have space for vegetable vendors to carry their luggage.
  4. Sir, what can I do for you?
  5. There is a room for rent, you can ask him.
  6. This chair is suitable for me to sit on while working on the computer.
  7. That gym provides personal trainers for cross-fit training.
  8. A shopkeeper displayed the clothes for sale.
  9. We always use some dry fruits for salad decorating.
  10. She wants to meet her again, for she is a good administrator.
  11. I forgot, and the geyser remained on for half an hour.
  12. I have taught English for thirty years.
  13. I have brought a cup of coffee for you.
  14. She sat on her bed, watching the calendar for ten minutes.
  15. They drove on for two miles in the evening.
  16. I want to solve this type of example, for it is very interesting.
  17. I have to buy something new for a newborn baby.
  18. It is an epic novel for science lovers.
  19. There will be a prize for the best drama.
  20. He will always be remembered for his best philosophical articles.
  21. Stay here and wait for bus no.34.
  22. Mumbai is famous for Bollywood.
  23. A group of scientists has gathered here for discussing a topic.
  24. This bank is famous for its customer service.
  25. She said that she was lying down for an hour.
  26. I think that is sufficient for him.
  27. I bought her a purse for Diwali.
  28. They managed a party for Rohan’s 22nd birthday.
  29. I have been waiting here for twenty minutes.
  30. There is a voice message for you.
  31. He is very mature for his age.
  32. It is a difficult situation for kids.
  33. That idea worked for me.
  34. Dorothy, this present is for you; I hope you may like it.
  35. I have free advice for you.
  36. We use that room for storage.
  37. The left button is for turning on the geyser.
  38. I guess that will work for him.
  39. We haven’t seen him for a while.
  40. She had purchased a watch for her sister last week.
  41. I spent ten dollars for buying two lamps.
  42. Some workers work for less than two dollars a day.
  43. That travel was very adventurous for me.
  44. Ten people upvoted for that video.
  45. Her kid was sick for lack of food.
  46. It is enough for me now.
  47. He always gives excuses for arriving late.
  48. She got on the train for Mumbai.
  49. I have experience in writing for educational websites.
  50. I am leaving at eight o’clock for home.

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