50 Some Sentence Examples

  1. There are some flowers apart from leaves. 
  2. You didn’t tell me some of the details.
  3. She remained silent for some time, and then she burst to cry. 
  4. It requires some effort to achieve a goal.
  5. She has some work to complete this evening. 
  6. Some of the people lost their jobs in this pandemic.
  7. Please, lend me some money until Saturday.
  8. Some children are least bothered about their hunger.
  9. There is some discussion on the topic.
  10. She left Mumbai some years ago.
  11. I have waited here for you for some time. 
  12. I am sure there must be some mistake.
  13. Some bed sheets are of white colour, and I don’t like those.
  14. I am worried about some health issues with my sister.
  15. It will take some time, and you will have to wait.
  16. There is some milk in the kitchen, drink it.
  17. I have some chocolates for you.
  18. Add some fresh coriander leaves to it.
  19. I saw some spark in him.
  20. Some people gathered in front of the hotel.
  21. It took some effort to bring it up.
  22. Some naughty children teased the puppy.
  23. There are some strange customs in that village.
  24. Please think it over; there must be some way to solve this issue.
  25. Some fool switched the main switch off.
  26. That is a small village of some 15000 people.
  27. You asked me some questions that I didn’t like.
  28. Some people don’t know how to behave with others.
  29. She gave him some advice for his future.
  30. I want some more information about the place.
  31. Some men were more cautious about their health.
  32. I bought some flowers to decorate the door of my house.
  33. Today veggies were cheap, so I bought some.
  34. If you need more clips, then take some.
  35. Try some more clothes, and then buy.
  36. I have got some mangoes fallen under the tree.
  37. Some of the news channels are not reliable.
  38. I had some money, so I purchased fruits.
  39. Buy some toys for my kid.
  40. Some of them joined the class.
  41. I have some cakes that you may like.
  42. Add some salt to a salad.
  43. Pack some clothes in a chest.
  44. You should show some respect for your elders.
  45. Please have some chocolates, and you will take more.
  46. Some of the oranges were rotten, so I threw them.
  47. He needs some money to buy a house.
  48. Some students danced on stage.
  49. There isn’t any rule without some exception.
  50. Some people don’t show any respect to others.

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