50 Those Sentence Examples

  1. She behaves oddly in those people.
  2. Those houses are big inside.
  3. What did you do with those CDs?
  4. Those insects are a parasite. They live on other animals’ bodies.
  5. He enjoyed those mountain trips.
  6. Her teacher advised him to read those books that she gave him.
  7. I devoted myself to my kids in those days.
  8. I remember those persons who helped me.
  9. Who are those people standing in front of us?
  10. Those dogs are my pets, so they are wagging their tail in front of me.
  11. Those are my gold earrings.
  12. Both of those boys didn’t watch that movie, though they had tickets.
  13. Would you please clean those clothes kept in a bathroom?
  14. He is working on those short films that he had to do last year.
  15. Would you please pass those gloves to me?
  16. I shall buy those bed sheets kept in showrooms’ showcases.
  17. Those building corridors are long, and the residents are free to walk on them.
  18. I need those papers.
  19. I always ignore those who try to discourage me.
  20. Those things cannot be compared.
  21. In those days, she loved to play table tennis.
  22. Put aside all those incidences that happened in the past.
  23. Those white flowers smell sweet.
  24. We should hang those paintings on the front wall.
  25. Those medicines have so many adverse effects, so doctors rarely give them to patients in emergency only.
  26. You must take care of those details you have achieved.
  27. Those are mighty numbers.
  28. We both always listen to those old Bollywood songs.
  29. I can’t explain the difference between those
  30. Actually, I didn’t tell him anything about those
  31. He gave me some options, and I had to choose any one of those.
  32. I started a new blog. I’ll do my best not to be one of those people who blogs a lot right at the start and then quits blogging.
  33. I can’t forget those pity eyes of that girl.
  34. Those people are crazy for their achievements in politics.
  35. She thought about those words her boss said to her.
  36. Those pictures are clicked at the beach.
  37. Give me those apples kept on the table.
  38. I have to boil those potatoes to make Aalu paratha.
  39. Those bedbugs drink human blood.
  40. All of those women are athletes.
  41. Those cars are of my aunt. She likes cars so much.
  42. The author of those books is my father.
  43. I am fed of those words always spoken for me.
  44. Those squirrels are climbing on upstairs every hour.
  45. I want those gadgets in my home.
  46. Those experiences taught me a lot.
  47. You are speaking irrelevant about those fictions.
  48. In those days, people had to work hard in their fields. They didn’t have technical gadgets to help them.
  49. I bought those chairs for my office.
  50. Those are the facts, but we don’t take them seriously.

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