50 Do Sentence Examples

  1. I do observe its growth daily.
  2. Always do research on human behaviour.
  3. They do come on the occasion of a wedding anniversary.
  4. We do it according to our convenience.
  5. We do admit that she is wrong.
  6. I do it carefully.
  7. We do as you tell.
  8. Do dance on the stage.
  9. They do it in the morning.
  10. Do your best.
  11. They do well in their exam.
  12. Do have a look.
  13. They do something for me.
  14. Do it with concentration.
  15. I do my homework in the evening.
  16. Do stand still for ten minutes.
  17. Do as she asks you to do.
  18. You can do well in this situation.
  19. Do join us for some time.
  20. Do me a favour, please.
  21. Do replace the old machine with a new one.
  22. I do office work from home now.
  23. Do stop irritating me.
  24. We do our laundry on Saturday.
  25. Do arrive early.
  26. You do nothing on Monday.
  27. Do simplify what you have to tell.
  28. They do their homework at night.
  29. Employees do their work well.
  30. Officers do office work in time.
  31. They do a good job.
  32. Do it once again.
  33. We do like your new jacket.
  34. They do stay near the sea.
  35. Do as you wish.
  36. We do our study after lunch.
  37. I do it on my own.
  38. They do it properly.
  39. They do play every Sunday.
  40. I do speak with your dad.
  41. We do well on stage.
  42. Do it on your own.
  43. We do arrange the program for social service.
  44. Do as I do.
  45. I do my duty well.
  46. Students do clean the playground of a school.
  47. Teachers do guide students to solve examples of mathematics.
  48. We do our best. They do design tattoos.
  49. I do switch off the light when not necessary.
  50. They do close windows at night.

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