50 With Sentence Examples

  1. Madhuri Dixit starred with Anil Kapoor in the movie “Parinda”.
  2. We are going to Russia with our parents and other relatives.
  3. She stays with his husband and kids.
  4. Come with me; I will give you a chocolate.
  5. I was with Sonal in the morning.
  6. She is performing a dance with her husband at the next event.
  7. Stay for a week with us; you will be happy.
  8. Better it would be best if you stuck with the points.
  9. She left her bag with me and asked me to give it to her mother.
  10. Always speak with modesty to everyone.
  11. Mix the milk with the sugar, and then add coffee; your tasty coffee is ready.
  12. Everybody agreed with the secretary about the renovation of the building.
  13. They will come with us on the trip. 
  14. She shivered with fear in the dark night.
  15. As she was disinterested in games, she didn’t play table tennis with me. 
  16. She is working on a huge project with his father. 
  17. Scientists are experimenting with the coronavirus.
  18. I should discuss this issue with my lawyer. 
  19. He screamed with terror when he saw a lion coming towards him.
  20. Blue jeans go with any T-shirt.
  21. She wiped her face with a small, pink towel.
  22. I saw you were with someone in the evening.
  23. I joined the two pieces of my shoes together with fevikwik.
  24. Glasswares are in the package; handle it with care.
  25. I am happy talking with you.
  26. She set up a website with my help.
  27. Suddenly he spoke irrelevant to the topic, and he hung his head with shame.
  28. She built a big house with the help of a bank loan.
  29. He spoke with emotions.
  30. Always publish your webpage with headings and subheadings.
  31. He was making his mind with great distress.
  32. He joined us with joy.
  33. My father was diagnosed with cancer.
  34. She always answers questions with confidence.
  35. The building echoed with the sound of so many monkeys.
  36. I have to take lunch with my colleagues today.
  37. We faced the worst situation with courage.
  38. Parents discussed the progress of their wards with a teacher.
  39. Serve egg curry with rice and some veggies.
  40. I graduated with English literature.
  41. He spent a month with covid.
  42. You should treat your workers with respect.
  43. She walked a few steps with her boss and went into the office. 
  44. Remove the fruits with a spoon, and serve me bread.
  45. He is playing with his friends.
  46. Cover your head with a cloth when you clean the roof.
  47. Sketch any animal with a pencil.
  48. You always argue with your elders.
  49. Sam completed his degree with his friends.
  50. A doctor is treating her with blood pressure medicines.

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