30 Among Sentence Examples

  1. That river is the longest of those four in this area.  
  2. She saw that he was drunk among the boys.  
  3. His father divided his property among the three brothers.  
  4. Mumbai is among the economic centres in the world.
  5. They distributed all the things among the participants. 
  6. They are spreading hate among the people.
  7. The shopkeeper is very popular among consumers. 
  8. He is the best visualizer among all other artists in his office.
  9. She was the best singer among all participants.
  10. We can rate it higher among the lyricists in India.
  11. Roti is a staple among the Indians.
  12. Our teacher is very kind among others.
  13. Sam is among the few who arranged his belongings neatly.
  14. She was speaking among patients who survived. 
  15. She feels awkward sitting among strangers.
  16. T-shirts with some text are now in fashion among college-going boys.
  17. The papers were divided among the six project architects.  
  18. The recipe book written by an Indian chef is very popular among women. 
  19. The members began to argue among themselves.
  20. We had distributed the money among ourselves.
  21. He is very popular among dramatists.
  22. We built our house in the field among the trees.
  23. Don’t worry; we will divide the profits among all of us.
  24. Chetan Bhagat is popular among young and adult people.
  25. I like tennis among the other sports.
  26. Among those people, one was the manager of a bank. 
  27. It is my drama playing among newcomers. 
  28. Among the students, there was a smart whose name was Charlie.
  29. It’s an honour to be among the authorities of a firm. 
  30. All members have discussed it over among ourselves. 

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