30 Still Sentence Examples

  1. It’s time to start an office, but she is still sleeping.
  2. Even when my mother was fifty-five, she still enjoyed playing table tennis.
  3. When she turned around, his son was still playing outside.
  4. That fish is still alive.
  5. I know you hate me, but I still love you.
  6. She is still not comfortable with us.
  7. John is still in the hospital.
  8. My sister is still waiting for her husband’s call.
  9. We can still grow our business with the help of artificial intelligence.
  10. Four travellers are still missing.
  11. They have been married for forty years, but still, they take care of each other.
  12. I can still remember where we met.
  13. He is still working on his laptop.
  14. He is still abroad.
  15. She is so beautiful, but still, I don’t like her.
  16. I ate two bananas, and I am still hungry.
  17. There are still so many clothes in front of the cupboard.
  18. Age is no barrier for her. She is still teaching in the college.
  19. He survived in Covid. Still, he is thinking to go abroad.
  20. I don’t like to attend parties; still, I have to attend for my sister.
  21. If she followed the doctor’s advice, she might still be alive.
  22. Secretary still has a prominent role in the firm administration.
  23. We have been waiting for him since morning, but still, he didn’t reach us.
  24. He is thirty-five; still, he depends upon his parents.
  25. We tried to discuss the issue, but they still were unhappy.
  26. She is still standing by the wall corner watching her kids.
  27. She met with a big accident, but still, she survived.
  28. I told students to go home; still, they were sitting in a classroom.
  29. Please, stand still for a minute.
  30. She still needs some help to paint her house.

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