50 Along Sentence Examples

  1. They walked along the river.
  2. My father came along to help.
  3. This road also runs along to the forest.
  4. They were running in a line along the route. 
  5. All of us jogged along the beach as the sun was rising.
  6. There are cloth stores along the wide street. 
  7. The teacher asked students to line up along the wall of a class.
  8. The people stood along the sidelines of the cricket game.
  9. Be careful along the station road.
  10. We drove along the narrow road.
  11. The police officers told the crowd to move along.
  12. The army men in the parade waved to the group as they marched along.
  13. The bus passed a few industries along the road.
  14. Sam started singing loudly along with Jaydeep to have fun.  
  15. I learned the lessons of life along my journey.
  16. She sent me an invitation card along with a sari.  
  17. It passed along with the few cubs.
  18. My brother gets along with my aunt in the hometown.
  19. Our conversation went along the limit.
  20. Sam took a walk along the beach. 
  21. We are two years along!
  22. While walking along a garden path, I saw her in the garden.
  23. There is merchandise further along.
  24. She sent a light bill along with a maintenance bill.
  25. We’ll go along with your suggestion to plan a project. 
  26. Two thousand people started the marathon along.
  27. We walked along a narrow path leading to the college.  
  28. Come along, your friends.
  29. You’re welcome to come along.
  30. Each success has some failure along the way.
  31. He purchased sports shoes along with the socks.
  32. Today she would have to sit along with the dust.
  33. Would you please cut the paper along the dotted line? 
  34. She pulled out the engagement ring, along with a bangle attached to it.
  35. You are difficult to get along with. 
  36. We were waiting for them all along the road. 
  37. The ship sailed along the coast.  
  38. All human behaviours travel along that path.
  39. She kept a glass along with a tray.
  40. Along the way, he stopped to make speeches.
  41. She went to the university along with them.  
  42. It’s tough to get along with his father.
  43. She knew all along that he was telling a lie, but she didn’t show. 
  44. I am afraid we can’t get along very well, so we should stop here. 
  45. None is getting along with him. 
  46. Trees are planted along the highway leading to Pune. 
  47. The current of the river dragged her along. 
  48. I don’t get along with my uncle.
  49. She made the plan of a trip along with her friends. 
  50. The three siblings are getting along together. 

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