How to Use A Few: 52 Sentence Examples with Article

The meaning of ’a few’ is a small group of people or things. This word is a little different from ‘few’ by itself, and it means ‘not many.’

Here are some sentences with the word’s article:

  1. For dinner tonight, I have a few friends over.
  2. I gave him a few dollars until he got paid.
  3. There are only a few apples in the basket.
  4. In just a few moments, I’ll be there.
  5. I need a few more minutes to finish this.
  6. She has a few intriguing tales to tell.
  7. At the bar, let’s get a few drinks.
  8. I need to go to the store and pick up a few things.
  9. He did a few things wrong in his speech.
  10. For the event, we will need a few helpers.
  11. You may have a few minutes to talk.
  12. The task has a few things that bother me.
  13. The book discusses the subject from a few different angles.
  14. The job will take a few days to finish.
  15. The sickness has been going on for a few days.
  16. There are only a few show tickets left.
  17. He saved a few dollars by looking around.
  18. While they were on vacation, they went to a few different places.
  19. During the trip, I caught a few fish.
  20. A cookout is what we have planned for a few people.
  21. To finish making the food, I need a few more things.
  22. Last month, the company hired a few new employees.
  23. Being behind the wheel in the rain almost cost her a few times.
  24. We had a few more minutes to finish the test because the teacher had said so.
  25. I’ve already seen that movie a few times.
  26. We should let loose for a few days.
  27. The team changed a few things about their plan.
  28. He enjoys drawing and playing the guitar, to name a few of his hobbies.
  29. Regarding the project’s schedule, I have a few worries.
  30. A few people criticized the service.
  31. For her outstanding effort, she was given a few awards.
  32. Before the race, he needs to do a few more practice rounds.
  33. Despite a few obstacles, we were able to succeed.
  34. I changed a few things about the style to make it better.
  35. We should try a few different things to see what works best.
  36. To fix the broken chair, I’ll need a few things.
  37. She knows a few ways to keep her friends entertained.
  38. They snapped a few shots to remember the event.
  39. A few sales are going on in the store.
  40. He has a few regrets regarding the choices he has made in the past.
  41. During my trip, I’ve been to a few art places.
  42. She has a few different clothes for important events.
  43. For the trip, I’ll pick up a few snacks.
  44. We changed a few things about the plan.
  45. They have a few concerns about the plan.
  46. I need a few more pages to finish the report.
  47. She knows how to make a few different kinds of cakes.
  48. Along the way, they ran into a few problems.
  49. We laughed together a few times during the comedy show.
  50. He’s been with a few women, but none of them lasted.
  51. I have a few suggestions for how to make the company more productive.

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