50 Down Sentence Examples

  1. Don’t look down; I am not angry with you.
  2. Pull down the rope; I want it.
  3. Don’t miss anything; put down everything that your teacher speaks.
  4. She went down to America in search of a job.
  5. They sat down at the table in the office.
  6. He fell down from the bike and hurt his wrist. 
  7. She lay down and took a rest for some time.
  8. I sat down in a chair and waited for her for two hours.
  9. She helped me take a table down
  10. Now you go down and keep watch on all pets.
  11. Our neighbour’s TV broke down due to a short circuit last night. 
  12. Please sit down and pay attention to me. I have important information for you.
  13. She walked down to the corner to search for her earrings. 
  14. The company cut down the payments of its employees due to lock-down.
  15. She got down the flat and started walking by the main road.
  16. Put down your name and address in the given form.
  17. Now we can keep this luggage down.
  18. The prices of vegetables went down, so farmers were at a loss. 
  19. There is a lovely garden down below us.
  20. He lives just down the hill in a village. 
  21. I think diesel prices will not go down as much.
  22. Please turn the volume down. It’s so loud.
  23. It is good that we can look down on the surface from the terrace.
  24. The store closed down.
  25. My cat often lies down on the bed.
  26. He heard some noise, so he came rushing down the stairs. 
  27. Finally, we settled down in our farmhouse.
  28. He put her bag down and started speaking.
  29. She calmed down when he accepted his mischief.
  30. He cut down the tree with an axe. 
  31. She wrote it down in his diary to make her easy to work.
  32. So many people gathered down the museum.
  33. Don’t let us down.
  34. The Sun has gone down.
  35. After feeding his pet, he sat down to me have his lunch.
  36. She needed to sit down and rest for a while. 
  37. The monkey sat down by a small girl taking her care.
  38. He sat down and started staring at her.
  39. The thin twig was plunging up and down.
  40. I am standing right down the library.
  41. He walked down the mountain.
  42. You spend too much. You should cut down on your expenses.
  43. He went on a branch and jumped down.
  44. I daily walk up and down the stairs to get a workout.
  45. We broke down our old house and rebuilt it.
  46. Don’t worry. I wrote down all the details. 
  47. He had a ball in his hand. He kept on the surface, and it rolled down the hill. 
  48. She seldom comes down by elevator; otherwise, she uses lift.
  49. Write down the answers on a test paper in time.
  50. She was very angry with me, but she closed her eyes to calm down
  51. He wrote down my phone number to communicate with me. 

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