50 Often Sentence Examples

  1. Poor people often see cheap things.
  2. Whenever John goes to that restaurant, he often orders chicken curry.
  3. I know people often search for anything on Google.
  4. He is naive. He often meets the wrong persons.
  5. He chooses it much more often than he should.
  6. I often write two pages for my website before lunch.
  7. She is often a victim of her own behaviour.
  8. She often watches the news on TV before going out.
  9. His dance doesn’t make it bore no matter how often we watch.
  10. They often ask me for help with their project.
  11. She was often quarrelling with her neighbours.
  12. My cat often lies on the bed.
  13. It is often cold.
  14. She has asthma, have to stop often to get her breath.
  15. I often meet him on the bus. 
  16. He often visits that place to write something for his website. 
  17. Sam was often late for college.
  18. We often hear how dangerous abandoned mines are.
  19. She often guides me in my work.
  20. I am often wrong with him.
  21. Such mishaps do so often with her.
  22. She often argues with her husband for no reason.
  23. I don’t believe you. You often break your promises.
  24. Her behaviour is often rude to others.
  25. She often goes to Jaypur to purchase the goods for her shop.
  26. In his childhood, he often walked among the trees in his field.
  27. They often go for a walk together.
  28. She often cooks rice for herself.
  29. How weird! He often dances with you in a dance class, and you don’t know his name!
  30. The remote area in India is often calm.
  31. We often go out on Sunday.
  32. She often buys fruits that her kids like.
  33. My mother often goes alone to the market for vegetables.
  34. I often use more garlic while cooking spicy dishes.
  35. She should go to the doctor. She often gets an eye infection.
  36. She often travels by air to save her time.
  37. He is not serious about his studies; he often bunks class.
  38. That road is hazardous; people often meet with accidents there.
  39. She is very kind and often helps others.
  40. She often reaches late to office, and she has to pay for it.
  41. She often calls mo to help in cooking.
  42. I often go to the Laxmi temple to get some peace of mind.
  43. When they meet, they often play Snake and ladder.
  44. I often have to stay up late at night; my son comes late.
  45. She often goes to her hometown to meet her relatives. 
  46. I wish you would write more often so that you would get a chance to publish on better platforms.
  47. He often goes to Delhi on business.
  48. I observed that his stories often don’t have happy endings.
  49. He is very weak; he often catches a cold in average cool weather.
  50. She doesn’t make mistakes in typing very often.

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