50 Huge Sentence Examples

1. My son wants to buy a huge mansion with at least six bedrooms with a lawn in front of it.
2. In the grassland, a huge elephant frightened the other animals.
3. He booked a huge yacht to throw his birthday party.
4. A huge bomb blast rocked the Taj hotel yesterday.
5. They pay huge salaries to their employees.
6. There is a huge pothole on the road.
7. We walked on a rough mountain road full of stones and huge holes.
8. We can see that a huge range of painting colours are available in this shop.
9. A huge boa was crossing the road, and we waited for crossing it completely.
10. As a fisherman saw a huge whale in his fishing net, he left it and ran out of the boat.
11. They welcomed a politician with a huge garland.
12. Our office bought a huge building to run all the branches from one place.
13. The garden was decorated with four huge spotlights.
14. Bull-dozers piled up huge mounds of dirt from the dumping ground.
15. The bridge is reinforced with huge steel girders.
16. She has a huge amount of clothes in her cupboard.
17. Huge cranes are working on a building site to complete the work early.
18. She made huge amounts of money within a week by selling her company shares.
19. Mumbai is a huge city in India.
20. I am a huge fan of nature.
21. He owns a flat in a huge building that seems to touch the sky.
22. Our college has a huge library, and I like to read sitting in it.
23. She stood before a huge mirror hung on a wall and arranged her hair.
24. A huge population is becoming infected by the coronavirus every day.
25. The company is suffering from a huge financial loss.
26. It was a huge challenge for them to run a business with less amount.
27. The schools are charging huge fees to the students.
28. He has a huge task and a responsibility to fulfil at his office.
29. I was so anxious to see a huge mountain in front of me.
30. The Earth has huge reserves of fossils beneath the Earth’s surface.
31. Now, the huge pollution has become a challenge for humans.
32. The police found the huge pile of drugs loaded in a truck.
33. It needs to discuss the issue before it becomes a huge problem.
34. Before now, the computer was huge in length and width.
35. There were huge medical expenses he had to pay
36. I saw a huge castle in Rajasthan.
37. The firm in which he works is huge.
38. They had collected huge clothes to give to orphans.
39. The Sun is a huge ball of fire.
40. The hippopotamus is a huge animal.
41. We saw a huge tidal wave was sweeping the boat.
42. I saw a huge elephant walking in the forest.
43. A huge crowd of people was gathered in front of the assembly.
44. He doesn’t have the courage to face a huge audience, so he closes his eyes while singing on stage.
45. That store has a huge variety of goods, so people like to go there and purchase.
46. Don’t go now; there is a huge rush in the market.
47. She built a huge house on her farm.
48. Her father spent a huge amount on her marriage.
49. It was a huge mistake that I have made.
50. There was a huge earthquake last night

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